Almo Nature Holistic Dog Large Adult with Chicken 12 kg
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Almo Nature Holistic Dog Large Adult with Chicken 12 kg

Dog Food Almo Nature Holistic Adult with Chicken and Rice. With plenty of fresh meat, vitamins and minerals meet the nutritional needs of large dogs.

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Almo Nature Holistic Adult with Chicken and Rice is a complete dry dog food and, particularly delicious with chicken so fresh and accompanied by a high quality rice. Vitamins and minerals that are contained in the Almo Nature Holistic Adult kibble make food to satisfy the nutritional needs of your natural buddy canine extra large.

The product is designed for adult dogs belonging to large breeds that have a more frequent problems of digestive sensitivity caused by changes in food or food intolerances that can bring your dog to have big problems to digestive sensitivity, which act accordingly difficulties in the assimilation of food and gastro-intestinal problems.

In the production of Almo Nature Holistic Adult with Chicken and Rice it is used only the best ingredients with the rejection to the use of additives such as flavor enhancers or artificial preservatives.

  • composition based on fresh chicken; high quality rice,
  • as the sole source of highly digestible carbohydrates;
  • optimal size of the dog food that helps fight the formation of tartar;
  • vitamins and minerals, whose active ingredients act from the inside towards the outside of the organism, for a skin and a hair healthy and strong;
  • balanced relationship phosphorus: calcium; natural antioxidants, which guarantee the durability and stability of the product;
  • alfalfa for the assimilation of essential minerals grape extracts support the general welfare marigold for a healthy skin and a shiny coat.


  • meat and animal by-products 53% (of which fresh chicken 26%);
  • cereals (rice, barley, oats);
  • vegetable protein extracts;
  • vegetable and derivatives of vegetable origin;
  • oil and fats;
  • yeast;
  • minerals;
  • manno-oligosaccharides (MOS);
  • fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).


  • vitamina A 26760 IU;
  • vitamina D3 1800 IU;
  • vitamina E 200 mg/Kg;
  • L-Carnitina 500 mg/Kg;
  • calcio iodato anidro 1,64 mg/Kg;
  • selenito di sodio 0,53 mg/Kg;
  • solfato ferroso monoidrato 321 mg/Kg;
  • solfato di rame pentaidrato 42 mg/Kg;
  • chelati rameici amminoacidici idrati 53 mg/Kg;
  • chelati di zinco amminoacidici idrati 356 mg/Kg;
  • solfato manganoso monoidrato 117 mg/Kg;
  • zinco solfato monoidrato 296 mg/Kg;
  • chelati ferrosi amminoacidici idrati 21 mg/Kg.


  • 25% crude protein;
  • crude fiber 3.5%;
  • oils and fats 15%;
  • crude ash 8%;
  • moisture 8.5%.


  • 30 - 40 Kg 290-380 g;
  • 40 to 50 kg from 380 to 450 g;
  • > 50 kg> 450 g.

The actual amount of food must consider factors such as race, weight, degree of activity, the age of the dog, and the environmental characteristics of the place in which he lives.

Regularly check your dog's weight and adapted doses accordingly food. Do them always available fresh water.

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