ROYAL CANIN Dachshund (Bassotto) 7,5 kg
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ROYAL CANIN Dachshund (Bassotto) 7,5 kg

Specific food for breed dogs Adult dotting that helps maintain joint and muscle tone

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The Dachshund is a daring dog, a great hunter. Its characteristic silhouette, with short and curved limbs ("condrodistrofico" type) has made it popular everywhere. Its shape makes hunting of hares and rates particularly advantageous, as it allows it to penetrate into their ditches. However, it also has a certain articular sensitivity.
Dachshunds are among the longest dogs - however, quiet lifestyle can increase oxidative stress and trigger the cellular aging process.


It is important that the power supply reduces the effects of this oxidation and allows digestion as easy as possible.
Additionally, it is important to counteract the natural tendency to overweight, which can overload the sensitive backbone with important consequences.


Royal Canin Breed Dachshund Adult is specifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of adult Dachshunds, starting from 10 months:


Joint Support:

  • It contributes to supporting the joints (basal vertebrae are very stressed) and to maintain optimum cartilage hydration, thanks to the combined action of glucosamine, chondroitin, and high content of EPA and DHA fatty acids.

Maintaining weight shape and muscle tension:

  • thanks to a high protein intake, as well as the addition of linoleic acid (CLA) and L-carnitine, which mobilize fat reserves
  • Anti-Age Complex:
  • The synergistic complex of antioxidants consisting of vitamins C and E and polyphenols acts against oxidative stress and fights the effects of aging.

Oral prophylaxis:

  • the special size and shape of the croquettes stimulate chewing. The teeth undergo a cleansing action by the mechanical action of the croquettes and the formation of the tartar is significantly reduced.
  • Oral hygiene is also favored by the addition of "calcium captors" (sodium polyphosphates) which slow the formation of tartar deposits.

Reduced stool odor:

  • digestible nutrients and FOS (fruit-oligosaccharides), for easy digestion.




riso, proteine di pollame disidratate, proteine vegetali isolate*, grassi animali, idrolizzato di proteine animali, fibre vegetali, sali minerali, polpa di barbabietola, olio di pesce, olio di soia, frutto-oligosaccaridi, olio di borraggine, estratto di fiore di Tagete (fonte di luteina), idrolizzato di crostacei (fonte di glucosamina), estratti di tè verde e di vinacce (fonte di polifenoli), idrolizzato di cartilagine (fonte di condroitina). 
*L.I.P.: a basso contenuto di proteine indigeribili.


Additivi fisiologico-nutrizionali:
vitamina A (31.500 UI/kg), vitamina D3 (800 UI/kg), E1 [ferro] (47 mg/kg), E2 [iodio] (4,7 mg/kg), E4 [rame} (9 mg/kg), E5 [manganese] (61 mg/kg], E6 [zinco] (183 mg/kg), E8 [selenio] (0,1 mg/kg).
Additivi tecnologici:
trifosfato di pentasodio (3,5 g/kg), conservanti, antiossidanti.



Peso del caneNormale attività fisicaElevata attività fisica
2 kg4350
4 kg7284
5 kg8599
6 kg98113
8 kg121140
10 kg143166


Le quantità espresse in tabella sono da considerarsi valori di riferimento e devono poi essere adattate alle esigenze nutrizionali specifiche dell'animale.

8 kg
7.50 kg


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