ALMO NATURE Holistic Dog Large Puppy with Chicken 12 kg
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ALMO NATURE Holistic Dog Large Puppy with Chicken 12 kg

Special croquettes for large dogs in the growth phase, with Chicken and Rice. With so much fresh meat, vitamins and minerals, they meet the nutritional needs of puppies

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Recipe with Chicken and Rice makes Almo Nature Holistic croquettes a perfect full-size dog food. Fresh chicken combined with fine rice, vitamins and minerals make these croquettes a food able to satisfy the natural nutritional needs of the dog.


Frequent food changes or food intolerances can cause large dogs with digestive sensitivity problems, which consequently have difficulty in assimilating food and gastro-intestinal tract problems.


By constitution, large-sized dogs have a smaller tooth than their smaller sized teeth. The formation of tartar, due to the remains of food and the consequent development of bacteria, goes to damage the teeth of the animal. Large croquettes, suitable for dog bite measurements, help to strengthen chewing muscles and facilitate food intake.

In the production of Almo Nature Holistic Adult Large with Chicken and Rice only the best ingredients are used. Almo Nature refuses the use of additives such as appetizers or artificial preservatives. For the preservation of food, only natural antioxidants are used.




  • adult large dog food
  • for dogs with food sensitivity
  • optimal size of croquettes
  • fresh chicken
  • fine rice
  • balanced phosphorus ratio: calcium
  • natural antioxidants, which guarantee the durability and stability of the product
  • herb for the assimilation of essential minerals
  • grape extracts support general well-being
  • calendula flowers for a healthy skin and brilliant hair




meat and animal by-products (of which 26% fresh chicken), cereals (rice 14%), vegetable protein extracts, vegetable source derivatives (chicory inulin 0.1% FOS source), oil and fats, yeast, manno-oligosaccharides.



Vitamin B1 (12 mg / kg), Vitamin B2 (14 mg / kg), D-calcium pantothenate (Vitamin A (22,000 UI / kg), Vitamin D3 (1,400 UI / kg), Vitamin E 20 mg / kg), vitamin B6 (12 mg / kg), vitamin B12 (0.15 mg / kg), biotin (0.50 mg / kg), niacin (25 mg / kg), folic acid (1 mg / kg (33 mg / kg), calcium iodate granulate, anhydrous (1.64 mg / kg), zinc monohydrate sulphate (222 mg / kg), copper sulphate pentaidrate (2 mg / kg) / kg), zinc chelate from amino acids (267 mg / kg), manganese monohydrate sulphate (20 mg / kg), organic selenium (80 mg / kg).



Analytical components:

Crude proteins25.0 %
Raw fats14.0 %
Raw fibers3.5 %
Crude ash8.0 %
Humidity8.5 %
Metabolic energy3510.0 kcal



The amount of effective food to be administered depends on the various factors such as breed, weight, degree of activity, age of the dog, and the environmental characteristics of the place where he lives. Regularly check your dog's weight and adjust the dose of food accordingly. Always have plenty of fresh water available to your dog.


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