PURINA Dentalife for Dogs Medium Maxi Pack 15 Sticks For 345g
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PURINA Dentalife for Dogs Medium Maxi Pack 15 Sticks For 345 g

Innovative dental snack, scientifically proven, helps to reduce tartar

Size: 15 Sticks

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Purina Dentalife is the innovative chewing specific snack for dental hygiene of dogs. The health of the dog's teeth is fundamental and it is therefore important to maintain a good level of oral hygiene. Purina's Dentalife stick, thanks to their soft and porous consistency, also cleans the toughest teeth to reach, such as the molars that are most exposed to plaque and tartar formation.

It is scientifically proven to help reduce plaque and tartar and counteract new formations. Thanks to their low-fat, sugar-free, aromatic and color-free recipe, the Purina Dentalife dental snacks are indicated for daily use, thus promoting continuous oral hygiene.

All the features of Purina Dentalife Snack:Dental snack for dogs

  • Designed for everyday use: it allows proper oral hygiene
  • Soft and porous consistency: to help clean the teeth
  • Prevents the plaque and tartar: it also helps to clean even the toughest teeth to reach
  • Prepared with healthy and low-fat ingredients
  • with no added sugar
  • Without aromas and artificial dyes


Cereals (60% extruded corn flour, 5% wheat flour), glycerol, minerals, yeasts, meat and animal by-products (1.2% *), oils and fats.
* Equivalent to 4% of rehydrated meats and derivatives (4% chicken). DISPOSAL

Physiological-nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (8.500 UI / kg), Vitamin D3 (570 UI / kg), Vitamin E (60 mg / kg), Calcium Anodic iodate (2.2 mg / kg), Manganese Monohydrate Sulphate (12.5 g / Kg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (280 mg / kg), sodium selenite (0.31 UI / kg), antioxidants.

Analytical components:

Crude proteins7.0 %
Raw fats2.5 %
Raw fibers0.7 %
Crude ash4.5 %
calcium1.1 %
Humidity14.5 %


It is advised to administer 1 stick per day.

Make fresh and clean water available to your pet. Check the dog while eating snacks. To maintain the health of the animal follow the recommended doses and be careful that the animal does enough movement.
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Dog size / Weight
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