ALMO NATURE Legend Cat TUNA AND SHRIMPS 70 g x 12 pcs
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ALMO NATURE Legend Cat TUNA AND SHRIMPS 70 g x 12 pcs

Available in different recipes, Almo Nature Legend is prepared with the best white meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables preserved in their cooking broth in order to preserve it in all the micronutrients, and a small percentage of rice.

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Almo Nature has always offered an alternative nutritional philosophy, simple and rigorous at the core of all its production quality of the ingredients, for this line Almo Nature Legend is prepared with the best white meat, red meat, fish and vegetables preserved in own cooking broth so as to preserve in it all micronutrients, and a small percentage of rice.




  • A fish freshly caught seafood and fish from aquaculture;
  • Meat from animals farmed extensively, which renounces the use of hormones or antibiotics;
  • No preservatives, dyes or chemical additives.


The processing is done in a precise and accurate and is exclusively industrial: the meat is cooked and cut without being chemically treated, so as to avoid the loss of nutrients. The conservation of the product takes place in the same cooking broth, so that the nutrients and the taste can remain intact without chemical preservatives or additives of any kind, it is appreciated by cats for its simplicity and naturalness.


Almo Nature chooses not to produce food "curative" or with specific aims, but has chosen to ensure a supply of high quality, able to maintain the physical and mental health of the cat. The cat belongs to the order Carnivora clenched teething predatory and apprato tract suitable to assimilate and make optimum use of the protein. In nature, the cat's diet was composed of different prey (mice, birds, fish), a source in the prevalence of protein and fat (in addition to fibers and other nutrients in the digestive tract of the preys).


The board of Almo Nature for a balanced diet is best to alternate between all kinds of meat and fish, dry and wet food (respectively 60% and 40% by volume), simple, complementary and complete.

 Ingredients are cooked, packaged in their cooking broth.


  Thanks to the noble cuts, recipes Legend are easily digested.






  • tuna 55%, 24% broth, shrimp 20%, rice 1%.
  • 19% crude protein, crude fiber 0.1%, crude oils and fats 0.5%, crude ash 2%, moisture 78%, metabolizable energy 707 kcal / kg.





  • Daily requirement of an adult cat healthy than 4 kg in weight corresponds to 110 g of wet food and 35 g of dry food.

  • Always leave fresh water. Serve at room temperature, store in a cool, dry place.
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