Forza 10 Maintenance Tuna 400 g x 6 pcs
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Forza 10 Maintenance Tuna 400 g x 6 pcs

Hypoallergenic wet food for dogs with food sensitivities, juicy pâté with a single source of protein, with fine seafood, easy to digest, without chemical additives and cereals.

Format: 12x400g

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Maintenance pâté Force 10 is an ideal food for all dogs that are prone to allergies. This high-quality wet food not only does not contain additives, but even cereal. Pâté contains marine fish as the only source of protein, tasty and hypoallergenic. There are many dogs who suffer from food allergies, often triggered by cereals that the body of the dog digests with difficulty.

For this reason Forza10 Maintenance Pâté contains no grain but only marine fish quality.
Fish is highly digestible and is absorbed by the body optimally. In addition many dogs are not only allergic to grains, but often do not tolerate even certain protein sources in food. Because the fish is the only protein source of this food, the pate is ideal for a hypoallergenic.

The optimum tolerability of this food is also favored by the fact that FORZA10 for this food does not use additives. Maintenance Pate is therefore very suitable for sensitive dogs, which ensures a balanced diet and natural. For holistic nutrition with products Forza10 can be used to dry foods Forza10 Maintenance.

All features of Forza10 Maintenance Pate:

  • for adult dogs
  • ideal in case of food intolerance and allergies
  • Single-Protein: it contains sea fish as the only protein source.
  • completely devoid of cereals
  • high standard of quality fish
  • very digestible
  • without additives
  • Only natural ingredients and quality

fish (tuna 50%).

It contains no additives.


The product should be administered with food dry Forza10 Maintenance.
Serve at room temperature and put more fresh water available. Store in a cool, dry place. Store the opened package in the refrigerator.

Weight of dogQuantity in g / day
1 - 5 kg105 - 210 g
10 - 20 kg210 - 420 g
30 - 40 kg420 - 630 g
50 - 60 kg840 g
70 kg900 g
3 kg
0.400 kg
Grain Free


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