DRN Solo Bufalo (Only Buffalo) 300 g x 6 pcs
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DRN Solo Bufalo (Only Buffalo) 300 g x 6 pcs

Monoproteico wet food for dogs and cats containing protein derived from Buffalo, no preservatives, additives, derivatives, attractants.


  •      6-piece pack
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wet food for dogs and cats Composition Proteins obtained from Buffalo, "cooked" at high temperatures! no preservatives, derivatives, or attractants.


Product features:

  • When it is necessary to use a high biological value and energy, easily digested, produced without the use of derivatives of meat, coloring agents, preservatives and flavorings
  • When necessary in an elimination diet for the diagnosis of allergies and / or food intolerance
  • When on the advice of the veterinarian, is needed monoproteica diet
  • For dogs and cats with discerning tastes that highly palatable food.


Meat (Buffalo 100%) with no internal organs and scraps of slaughtering.


Thickeners and gelling agents.

Analytical constituents

7.5% crude protein, crude fat 8.2%, crude fiber of 0.33%, 2.22% crude ash, 82.2% moisture.

Instructions for proper use

The feed is ready for use and should be served at room temperature. Always leave fresh water available to the animal.

Dosage: 90/140 grams. every 4 kg. of weight. This dosage can vary on the advice of the veterinarian and physics of function performed, age, race, individual physical and climatic conditions.

After opening, keep refrigerated and use within 2 days.

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