PURINA CAT CHOW Envelope Cat Adult 1+ Beef in Jelly with Eggplant 85 g x 12 pcs
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PURINA CAT CHOW Envelope Cat Adult 1+ Beef in Jelly with Eggplant 85 g x 12 pcs

Wet food for adult cats in an envelope, with selected ingredients

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Since 1926, cats have inspired PURINA with their incredible natural behavior.
To help them stay naturally extraordinary we have developed Cat Chow®: recipes formulated with quality proteins and natural ingredients.
Our products in the new range of wet foods contain chicken, beef, lamb or salmon with zucchini, green beans or aubergines.


Cat Chow offers you the possibility to choose from a wide range of products. Alternating Cat Chow in crunch with Cat Chow in the envelope you have the ability to feed your cat in a complete way satisfying its taste needs.

When you decide to integrate the crunches with the envelopes, keep in mind that an envelope is equivalent to 20g of dry, so we advise you to adjust the food accordingly in the bowl.



All the features of Purina Pro Plan


  • Purina Cat Chow has been carefully formulated: NO added flavors, dyes and artificial preservatives.
  • Recipes carefully prepared with natural ingredients such as chicken, salmon, beef, lamb, zucchini, green beans and aubergines.




Meat and derivatives (of which beef * 4%), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish by-products *, mineral substances, vegetables (0,8% aubergines dehydrated equivalent to 7% of aubergines), sugars, yeasts *

* natural ingredients



Main nutrients *Unit
Adult soft pieces in jelly
Food with beef
Adult soft pieces in jelly
Food with chicken
Adult soft pieces in jelly
Food with salmon
Adult soft pieces in jelly
Food with lamb
Raw oils and fats%2,52,52,52,5
Crude ashes%2,52,52,52,5
Raw fiber%0,10,10,10,1
Ferrous sulfate monohydratemg/kg20202020
Pentahydrate copper sulfatemg/kg2,32,32,32,3
Manganus monohydrate sulfatemg/kg4,04,04,04,0
Zinc sulfate monohydratemg/kg33333333
Anhydrous calcium iodatemg/kg0,260,260,260,26
Cassia rubbermg/kg2900290029002900
Vit. AUI/kg580580580580
Vit. D3UI/kg89898989
Vit. EUI/kg13131313
* These values represent the levels added in the formula and those used for the composition of the recipe.



Cat sizeRecommended daily allowance (g / day)
Small (2-4kg)3 to 4 envelopes a day

For an adult cat about 4 kg, give 3 to 4 envelopes a day in at least 2 separate meals. It is advisable to adapt the daily ration to the specific needs of your cat to keep it fit. Serve at room temperature. Always leave a bowl of fresh and clean water available.

1.50 kg
0.085 Kg