EXCLUSION DIET Hypoallergenic Horse and Potato Medium & Large Breed 2 kg
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EXCLUSION DIET Hypoallergenic Horse and Potato Medium & Large Breed 2 kg

Dog Food Horse & Potato, dietary food balanced ideal in cases of food allergies or intolerances, with horse as the only source of protein and potatoes as a source of carbohydrates.

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The croquettes for dogs Exclusion with Horse & Potatoes are a dietary food balanced for adult dogs who are intolerant to ingredients and nutrients and to be administered for the purpose of desensitization. They contain horse meat as the only source of animal protein and potatoes as a source of carbohydrates. Not contain food allergens.

Exclusion Horse & Rice is a balanced food, the result of veterinary studies, which, thanks to its special properties, is ideal for people who suffer from food intolerances or allergies to nature:

  • innovative use of a single protein source: horse meat
  • use of a single source of carbohydrates: potatoes
  • the risk of sensitization to various ingredients is minimized
  • highly digestible
  • particularly tasty
  • gluten free and lactose
  • devoid of by-products
  • without additive
  • alternative to "diets do-it-yourself"
  • ideal for an exclusion diet

Recommended for dogs with food allergies. Intolerances in dogs may occur with different symptoms: itching, skin irritation, dandruff, redness of the ear, chronic inflammation of the ears, the hair dry and dull skin with cuticle, red and smelly, loss of body hair, tear flow abundant, conjunctivitis, vomiting, diarrhea and bloating.

  • Horse meat: single source of animal protein, highly digestible. It makes this product an ideal food for people with food sensitivities, and very tasty!
  • Potatoes: only source of highly digestible carbohydrates and fiber for better digestion and improved intestinal tract healthy and functioning well.
  • Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller): excellent medicinal plant, known since antiquity as the "miracle plant". Thanks to its more than 75 nutrients Aloe Vera is especially suitable for dogs with allergies or intolerances. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing act against the causes of irritation and reduce its effect. Aloe also promotes healing and accelerates cell regeneration, thus improving the healing of wounds or irritations.
  • extract of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) and Vitamin E: natural preservatives that guarantee the kibble freshness and palatability. The precious antioxidant properties arising from their active ingredients (carnosol, carnosine acid and rosemary acid) extend the conservation of the dog food. The acids of rosemary are particularly suitable for the treatment of digestive disorders due to intolerance of some foods.
  • Flaxseed oil: contains a very high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, EPA and HDA, which act against inflammation and allergic skin reactions.
  • Omega 6 and Omega 3: present optimal ratio (5: 1 to 10: 1), reducing substances in the body and responsible for the inflammation, improve the condition of skin and hair, and promote the regeneration of the dermis.
  • Beta-carotene, lutein, taurine, vitamin E and vitamin C: natural antioxidants that protect cell membranes from oxidation and strengthen the immune system against the attack of free radicals.
  • Vitamin A, biotin and linoleic acid: ensure healthy skin and coat.

Most of the diets for the treatment of food allergies and intolerances are not very tasty and therefore cause weight loss in animals. The croquettes Exclusion they taste very appetizing and help improve the health of your dog thanks to a special formulation controlled by veterinarians and the high quality of the ingredients. The croquettes Exclusion can be used as a complete feed for unlimited period of time; Also your dog will need time to get used to the new diet. However, we recommend you consult your veterinarian before proceeding with the administration of this food.


potatoes 70%, horse meat dehydrated 19%, sunflower oil, linseed oil, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, 0.03% aloe vera, rosemary.

vitamin A (15,000 IE / kg), vitamin D3 (900 IE / kg), vitamin E (250 mg / kg), vitamin C (30 mg / kg), vitamin B1 (14 mg / kg), vitamin B2 (17 mg / kg), vitamin B3 (54 mg / kg), vitamin B6 (10 mg / kg), vitamin B12 (0.15 mg / kg), biotin (132 mg / kg), folic acid (2.5 mg / kg ), Choline (2500 mg / kg), beta-carotene (5 mg / kg), iron (120 mg / kg), selenium (0.45 mg / kg), zinc (230 mg / kg), iodine (2 mg / kg), manganese (50 mg / kg), copper (20 mg / kg), taurine (200 mg / kg).

Recommended daily doses per animal:

Weight of dogDose in g / day
5 kg90 g
10 kg140 g
15 kg190 g
20 kg220 g
30 kg330 g
40 kg440 g

It is recommended to request the opinion of the doctor before starting the administration of food to the dog. With regard to the daily dose, refer to the table on the packaging. This figure is indicative and should be adjusted to the subject, taking into account factors such as race, degree of physical activity and season. Divide the daily ration into two meals. Exclusion is a complete food that does not need supplements.

Period of administration recommended: 3-8 weeks. Where the occurrence of symptoms of intolerance were to diminish, give Exclusion continuously.

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