HILL'S Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary Feline 1,5 kg
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HILL'S Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary Feline 1,5 kg

Dietary croquettes for overweight or obese cats with urinary tract disorders, which reduce weight and contribute to dissolution / prophylaxis of struvite calculations

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Hill's Prescription Diet offers a wide range of scientifically proven dietary foods to help you handle the most important health problems of your pets.
Hill's Metabolic + Urinary Prescription Diet Feline supports obese cats with urinary tract infections for weight reduction or weight maintenance after a diet. Thanks to the complexity of nutrients scientifically studied, this food can act directly on the individual energy consumption of the cat and thus activate the body's ability to burn fat deposits. The crystals and the struvite calculations are usually formed due to the overexpression of magnesium, ammonium and phosphorus together with an alkaline ph in urine.


A controlled amount of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus contrasts the formation of bladder calculations. It is clinically proven that the recipe dissolves struvite calculations in only 7 days and in 60 days it reduces the weight by 11%. Hill's Metabolic + Urinary Prescription Diet Feline has an exceptional taste and ensures a good sense of satiety between one meal and another.




  • Complex of nutrients scientifically formulated: for combustion of fats in the body
  • Controlled amount of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus: to counteract the formation of bladder calculations and dissolve them
  • It has been scientifically proven that the recipe dissolves struvite calculations in just 7 days and reduces the weight by 11% in 60 days
  • Taste and satiety: great acceptance and satiety between meals
  • Important antioxidants to stop the inflammatory cycle accompanied by overweight

Indicated in the case of:

  • Nutrition management of cats with any form of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), including crystalluria and / or urolithiasis with any cause, urethral stenosis and idiopathic cystitis
  • Dissolution of sterile struvite calculations
  • Long-term nutritional management of cats, subject to:
    • Calcitons and crystals of struvite, calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate ** (reduction in appearance and reoccurrence)
    • Urethral stenoses (almost exclusively accompanied by crystals of struvite or calcium phosphate)
    • Idiopathic feline cystitis (FIC)
  • Obese and overweight cats
  • Weight maintenance forms after a weight loss

Contrary to:

  • dogs
  • kittens
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding

Complex of scientifically formulated nutritional components It regulates appetite, reduces inflammation and improves energy metabolism.
FiberelevatedFiber soluble and insoluble to induce satiety, keep the appetite under control and maintain the gastrointestinal tract health.
L-carnitineelevatedIt helps cats burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass, thus gaining a more effective weight loss.
L-lysineelevatedHelps to metabolize fat for energy purposes and to maintain lean muscle mass.
Magnesium Phosphorus CalciumreducedThey help to reduce the urinary concentration of the constituents of the struvite (magnesium and phosphate) and calcium oxalate.
SodiumControlledIt helps to maintain proper renal function.
CitrateadjunctForm of soluble complexes with calcium to inhibit the formation of calcium oxalates.
Urinary pHPH 6.2 - 6.4It contrasts the formation and aggregation of struvite crystals without favoring the formation of calcium oxalate crystals.
Vitamin E & beta-caroteneadjunctThey help neutralize free radicals to counteract urolithiasis.
Vitamin CNot addedIt is a forerunner of calcium oxalates



Meat and animal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, cereals, vegetable by-products, vegetables, oils and fats, seeds, minerals. Acidifying substances of urine: DL-methionine.


Physiological-nutritional additives:

Vitamin D (1.750 UI / kg), Vitamin E (810 mg / kg), Beta-Carotene (2 mg / kg), L-Carnitine (525 mg / kg), Eisen ( 198 mg / kg), iodine (3 mg / kg), Kupfer (25.1 mg / kg), manganese (83.1 mg / kg), zinc (168 mg / kg), selenium (0.4 mg / kg ), With natural antioxidants.


Analytical components

 Sul tal QualeSostanza seccaper 100 kcal ME
Proteine36,8 %38,9 %10,9 g
Grassi12,5 %13,2 %3,7 g
Carboidrati (NFE)29,6 %31,3 %8,7 g
Fibra (greggia)10,2 %10,8 %3,0 g
Cenere Gregge5.30 %5.61 %1.56 g
Umidità5,5 %-1,6 g
Calcio0,76 %0,80 %224 mg
Fosforo0,66 %0,70 %195 mg
Sodio0,33 %0,35 %97 mg
Potassio0,76 %0,80 %224 mg
Magnesio0,07 %0,07 %21 mg
Cloruri0,85 %0,90 %251 mg
Zolfo0,74 %0,78 %217 mg
Acidi grassi Omega-31,35 %1,43 %398 mg
Acidi grassi Omega-63,06 %3,24 %903 mg
Taurina2.544 mg/kg2.692 mg/kg75 mg
Potassio citrato3.800,00 mg/kg4.021,00 mg/kg112 mg
L-Carnitina528 mg/kg559 mg/kg16 mg
L-Lisina2,25 %2,38 %664 mg
Vitamina A7.001 IU/kg7.408 IU/kg207 IU
Vitamina D756 IU/kg800 IU/kg22 IU
Vitamina E810 mg/kg857 mg/kg24 mg
Beta-carotene2,0 mg/kg2,1 mg/kg0,06 mg




Cat weightDaily weight in g to maintain weight
2 kg3040
3 kg3555
4 kg4570
5 kg5580
6 kg +10 g pro kg15 g pro kg
2 kg
1.80 kg
Vegetal Protein
Urinary Tract
Weight Control