Bone in Pressed Cowhide 450 gr 32 cm
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Bone in Pressed Cowhide 390 g 32 cm

Chewy snacks in dried cowhide, a simple and tasty food to help keep the dog's oral hygiene healthy

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Bone bones in pressed cowhide, low in fat and made of 100% beef skin, provide the dog with long-lasting entertainment and promote dental hygiene in a natural way. Free of flavors, dyes and preservatives, they are an ideal delicacy to be used as a snack. Gnawing and nibbling are daily activities of each dog.

A fun to chew, of which your dog will never have enough!


All the characteristics of Beef chewing Bones:

  • ideal pastime since they allow you to chew for a long time
  • natural and low-fat chewing bones made of 100% beef skin
  • free of preserving and coloring flavors
  • very palatable
  • they cure and strengthen teeth and gums
  • optimal snack for dogs of all sizes thanks to different snack sizes

The chewing bones in pressed cowhide are a simple food and available in different weights and sizes; they also help your dog live certain situations with less stress!


INGREDIENTS: 100% beef skin.

ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Raw protein. 80.0% - Gregassi Fats: 2.0% - Raw Fibers: 1.0%

Crude ash: 1.0% - Humidity: 14.0%.

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