Forza 10 Mr. Litter Force neutral 1,5 kg
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Forza 10 Mr. Litter Force neutral 1,5 kg

E’ indicata per gatti adulti e gattini perché: finissima, soffice per le zampette, igienizzante, inodore.

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And 'suitable for adult cats and kittens because: fine, soft to the paws, hygienic, odorless. The urine is absorbed within the porous granules, and then gradually evaporates remaining dry to the touch.

The stools are covered by fine granules favoring soon dehydration, making it easy to collect and eliminating odor. It is not agglomerating in contact with urine.


  • It 'also recommended for kittens, birds and small dogs apartment.
  • It can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Silicon is very common in nature and widely used by humans for its manifold characteristics. It is also used in the food industry, such as anti-caking agent in foods, in the form of colloidal silica.


  • Distribute in the pan a layer of about 5 cm of litter.
  • Remove the solid waste.
  • Stir the litter.
  • Change the litter once a month.
  • NB The color change does not affect the absorption.


Silica sand, water and oxygen.

1.80 kg
1.80 kg


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