Lindocat CRYSTAL Silica gel liner 15 lt
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Lindocat CRYSTAL Silica gel liner 15 lt

Long-lasting cat litter with silica flakes. Composed of white and absorbent blue flakes with antibacterial effect. Holds liquids and smells in a few seconds

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Lindocat Crystal is a hygienic litter composed of precious silica gel crystals, an allergenic and harmless material for the cat, with exceptional absorbent performance of liquids and odors. Lindocat Crystal dry solid de-icing, facilitating removal, while crystals quickly imprison and hold urine, blocking bacterial proliferation and bad smells.
Lindocat Crystal is lightweight to carry, does not develop dust and does not stick to the cat paws.

Did you know that...

Silica gel is a granular, translucent white-colored polymer, very similar to large kitchen salt. Its main feature is the high porosity that results in a larger specific surface, ie in a rapid absorption of the liquids it comes in contact with.
Silica gel can be regenerated several times without losing its specific dehydrating properties: it is sufficient to expose the pan to the sun occasionally, shaking it a couple of times.

Stop bad odors: neutralize bad smells making the environment more hygienic

No powder: very low dust content, not dirty

Ultra absorbent: rapid and effective absorption of liquids

Lightweight: easy to carry

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