Bayer Sano e Bello White Musk Cleansing Towels 50 pcs
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Bayer Sano e Bello White Musk Cleansing Towels 50 pcs

They allow the skin, cats and puppies to be cleaned, deodorized and shiny without wetting, useful in everyday situations


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The Maxi-Salviette Sano and Beautiful White Moss Cleaners are the new wet-wipes wiped with a special solution that allows to clean, deodorize and shine the mantle of dogs, cats and puppies.


They have a delicate scent of white moss that delivers freshness and delicacy on the animal's mantle, infusing a sense of well-being, even to those who care about the cleansing of his four-legged friend.


Practical to use, useful in different daily situations, fundamental in special occasions such as outdoor trips, trips or when it rains, to deter and neutralize the bad odor of the wet mantle: they detoxify, smell and shine the mantle.


The Maxi-White Moss Wipes are tested at veterinary and veterinary control and are also suitable for eyes and ears.

How to use:

Extract the towel and pass it gently on the animal's mantle without further rinse. By curing the adhesive tab to preserve the moisture of the wipes.


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