Bayer Sano e Bello Neutralizes Odors 750ml
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Bayer Sano and Beautiful Shampoo Mousse Puppy Reindeer Puppies 300 ml

Suitable for cleaning without water. Its gentle action respects the puppy's mantle and skin balance. Contains Real Pappa and Flaxseed Oil, nutrient-action substances for a soft and silky effect


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Shampoo Mousse Rapìd cleans without wetting the dog, leaving the hair soft and shiny. Its gentle action respects the skin and skin balance. Thanks to the innovative dispensing system, it easily distributes on the hair and does not frighten the animal.

Also suitable for puppies during the first months of life and for convalescent animals when contact with water is not recommended. Ideal for daily hygiene.


- Shake well before use.

- Hold the bottle upside down and dispense the mousse on the palm of your hand, in a quantity appropriate to the size of the dog

- Spread the mousse on the animal evenly, soaking and massaging the entire body, from head to toe, also carefully cleaning your paws.

- Then remove the foam together with the dirt with a dry cloth.

- Gently brush the dog.

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