Vitakraft CRISPY CRUNCH Chicken 60 g
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Vitakraft CRISPY CRUNCH Chicken 60 g

CRISPY CRUNCH is a snack for cats, very palatable thanks to the tasty filling. It is also functional for eliminating hairballs that the cat ingests when taking care of its coat

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Chunks of pure pleasure! Thanks to their crisp coating and soft filling, Micio will be happy to be spoiled with these bundles of snacks, ideal as delicious rewards or as a snack between meals. Vitakraft Crispy Crunch, in their 60g pack, are not only exquisite, but also perform a specific action in favor of your cat's health.


All the bundles are sugar-free and thanks to their crunchy consistency they help to counteract the formation of dental tartar. The "Dental" variant contains essential mint oil, which helps to reduce the occurrence of halitosis. And to contribute to the vitality of your cat contains a special combination of vitamins. The "Malto" variant, on the other hand, favors the natural elimination of hairballs and therefore performs an active action against this problem. The chicken fagottini are particularly attractive thanks to their easily digestible meat content.





  • crunchy coating with tender stuffing
  • unsweetened
  • their crunchy consistency counteracts the formation of tartar
  • with a mix of vitamins for the vitality of Puss


Cereals, Meat and animal by-products (21.1% poultry), vegetable protein extracts (Malto 10%, Lignocellulose 4%), Oils and Fats, by-products of vegetable origin, Milk and its derivatives.


Additives: Contains antioxidants and dyes.
Analytical components: proteins 30.0%, oils and fats 20.0%, crude fiber 3.5%, crude ash 5.0%.



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