Vitakraft Treaties Bits Chicken Bacon Style 120 g
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Vitakraft Treaties Bits Chicken Bacon Style 120 g

Treaties are tasty morsels with a high meat content and a tasty filling that drives all dogs crazy. Very high quality, a recipe without sugar and a unique processing process: they are baked in a slow flame and the result is a soft and delicate morsel

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Treaties Bits meat snacks are made with a unique production process and contain only the best ingredients, without the addition of sugars. The gem: every snack nibble contains a very tasty filling and is delicately baked in the oven.
So these snacks are not only irresistibly delicious, but also soft and meaty when the dog chews them.





  • dog snacks
  • as a reward or to spoil your paw friend
  • recipe without sugar
  • with a delicious and juicy filling


Meat and animal by-products 72.2% (chicken 44.3%), vegetables, vegetable protein extracts, yeasts, mineral substances, vegetable by-products.


Additives: With antioxidants and preservatives, with αDENI361007 dyes.

Analytical components: Fat content 12%, Humidity 38%, Protein 24%, Ash 6.5%, Crude fibers 1.5%.





Dog weightDaily ration in pcs / day
2,5-5 kg1
5-15 kg2-3
15-25 kg3-5
25-35 kg5-7
1 kg