FERPLAST Door for Dog and Cat Swing 1 Brown
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FERPLAST Door for Dog and Cat Swing 3 Brown

Dimensions: 21.5 x 24 x h 5 cm

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Thanks to Ferplast's Swing line, from today you can mount a door dedicated exclusively to your four-legged friend on any wooden, metal, glass door and on masonry walls.

For cats and dogs we recommend Swing 1, or 3, for medium and large dogs the Swing 11 or 15 models are suitable, which can also be used for particularly large cats. 

Swing doors feature the innovative Wind Stopper System, a protection system against drafts (excluded in Swing 1 and 3 models). Another important feature is the 4-way locking system (not present in the Swing 1 model) which allows you to adjust the opening of the door according to your needs: entry only, exit only, entry and exit or closed.  All the larger doors are supplied with the tunnel that allows them to be adapted to any structure and can be trimmed. For the smaller Swing 1 and 3 equipped with partial tunnel, the new modular extension tunnel with a depth of 5 cm is available as an accessory (screws not included). Attention: for glass installation it is advisable to consult a glass manufacturer before the operation as it is not possible to drill holes in tempered safety glass or double glazing, unless they were made at the time of manufacture.


• Universal installation on any type of material

• Six sizes for cats and dogs of all sizes

• Swing 1, 3 models for cats and dogs

• Swing 11 and 15 models for large dogs or cats

• Protection system against drafts (except Swing 1 and 3 models)

• Four-way locking system (except Swing 1)

3 kg