INNOVET RESTOMYL DOG Supplement 60 g powder
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INNOVET RESTOMYL DOG Supplement 60 g powder

Nutritional powder support, to be mixed with the daily meal, for the health of the oral cavity of dogs

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Nutritional support for the oral health of dogs and cats. It prevents adhesion and growth of the plaque bacterial component, improving the breath and decreasing the deposition of the tartar.



Composition: 100% purified Ascophyllum nodosum (specifically selected algae). Contains iodine. Without additives, preservatives, sugars and gluten. Restomyl supplement is a completely natural product. Restomyl supplement does not contain any substance that masks the breath.


Use: From the appearance of the definitive teeth, give Restomyl® supplement, mixed with food (dry or damp), at the daily doses shown in the table. To be used daily for long periods. The results generally occur from the 3rd week of treatment.

weight (kg)measuring cupsDuration of a vial
0-10½8 months
11-2514 months
>2522 months


Functional principles (from natural sources): Naturally occurring in Ascophyllum nodosum: Concentration Concentration Unit Alginic acid 20-26% Fucoidano 10-15% Laminarane 2-5%.


Properties: Restomyl supplement improves the breathing by systemic action. It contains, in fact, a brown alga (Ascophyllum nodosum) that is administered orally, is absorbed at the gastro-enteric level and, through circulation, reaches the salivary glands and concentrates in the saliva. Ascophyllum nodosum acts in the oral cavity in virtue of (1) the high content of sulphated polysaccharides (eg fucoid) which prevent the adhesion and colonization of bacteria; (2) the ability to reduce the deposition of tartar, thanks to sulphate esters contained therein.


Precautions: No side effects have been reported. However, during therapy with hyperthyroidism, it is advisable to suspend the use of Restomyl supplement due to its natural iodine content.

Fucoidano: Inhibition of adhesion and bacterial growth (plaque)

Ester Sulfate: Tartar Deposition Reduction.

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