MERIAL Oravet Chew Dogs Medium 7 pcs x 51,5 g
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MERIAL Oravet Chew Dogs Large 7 pcs x 51,5 g

During the chewing OraVet acts by softening and disintegrating the plaque by eliminating it from the teeth and preventing the formation.


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For dogs over 23 kg OraVet Gum Large (L), if used daily, first cleanses their teeth from tartar and plaque and then protects them, blocking bacteria that tend to reformulate them.

Plaque and tartar are common dog problems. Bacteria can give birth to bad breath and adhere to the teeth forming the plaque, which then solidifies and becomes tartar and fights bad breath.

The product can be used in dogs over 6 months of age and not more than one per day.

OraVet comes in Gum with a special gummy texture and a pleasant vanilla flavor, which makes it easy and pleasant to administer: with OraVet it becomes easy to take serious care of the oral hygiene of the dog.

OraVet allows the veterinarian to keep the dog's mouth clean after a detartrasi and to improve the mouth's condition of dogs that can not access detartrate.

OraVet is a specific veterinary product against bad breath: for the first time owners can take care of their dog's oral hygiene in a simple and enjoyable way.

OraVet is a free-standing product and comes in packs of 7 Chewing Gums.

The bacteria form the plaque

What is just bad breath for you, it may be something more worrying: the accumulation of better teeth and gums. As the plaque accumulates, it solidifies and becomes a tartar. If not removed, plaque and tartar will continue to stratify, attracting more bacteria, and giving rise to even worse breath. That is why it is so important to prevent training. And what is easier than offering your OraVet Gum dog for a cleaner mouth and a cooler breath?

INDIVIDUALLY PLATE AND TARTAR - How to find plaque and tartar in your dog's mouth

Just lift the dog's lips and take a look. The tartar in the dog is colorful and its formations are easy to spot. The plaque is instead of light color and can be difficult to see on white teeth. Unfortunately, the first signs of tooth problems are difficult to grasp; That is why daily dental hygiene, combined with regular visits by your vet veterinarian, is so important.

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