JULIUS-K9 Pettorina Power Mis. 0 M-L ACQUAMARINA
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JULIUS-K9 Pettorina Power Mis. 0 M-L ACQUAMARINA

Bib from improved ergonomic design with optimum load distribution on the chest, rather than on the neck


Neo Available colors: Black, Aquamarine, fluo Yellow, Orange, Blue

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IDC Power Harnesses are distinguished by the shape of the front end, completed: while other harnesses often have an annoying and irregular shape for the dog's neck, the harness IDC® the Julius K9 Power rests on the chest and then distributes the load in a gentle way and balanced on the ribcage.


For this it is a bib ideal in case of high stresses, as well as for sports activities with their dog, for excursions or for use for professional use.


The lining of this durable bib and quality is made of Oeko-Tex, breathable textile material, gentle on the skin. Thanks to the fully adjustable strap on the thorax and abdomen, the harness fits the body of the dog. The safety buckles were tested with Crash-Test and are particularly strong; Furthermore the abdominal belt and reflective seams ensure additional security. On the dorsal side, the bib is equipped with a practical stainless steel ring to engage in a simple and secure the leash, which allows to lead the dog in a convenient and without efforts. Furthermore, it is provided on the back (excluded sizes Baby 1 and 2) of a handle, to lift temporarily or briefly restrain the dog.


By default, the harness is delivered with two reflective stickers that glow in the dark, with the "Julius-K9" logo. As an option, you can make original Velcro stickers with slogans, to personalize the accessory of your dog.

All the features of the bib Julius-K9 Power IDC® BLACK:


  •         bib for high quality dogs, for use in the professional and private
  •         perfected, even more ergonomic: the shape has been developed specifically for rest and distribute traction on the chest instead of the neck, without giving so bothersome to the dog.
  •         Öko-Tex lining material: meets stringent chemical and ecological standards, it is a breathable fabric that does not give skin irritation
  •         hip belt and reflective edges: for increased visibility and safety
  •         with phosphorescent and fluorescent stickers on both sides: in the dark the "Julius-K9®" logo lights reflecting light; Also, you can replace at will with other Velcro adhesives, sold separately
  •         robust coating material scratch-resistant and water-resistant: ideal for outdoor activities such as sports, training with Dummy or Agility
  •         buckle break-proof: for a load up to 350 kg, such as from the results of crash-test
  •         chest strap and hip belt with continuous adjustment: for an optimal fit
  •         with handle (except tg Baby)


  •     100% polyester, OEKO-TEX® certified material
  •     O-ring: stainless steel
  •     Snap Lock: Plastic

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