JULIUS-K9 Powerharness IDC Mis. Mini-Mini S Orange
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JULIUS-K9 Powerharness IDC Mis. Mini-Mini S Orange

Protect your dog’s neck with this ergonomic harness, which distributes pull evenly over your dog's chest, meaning no more tugging on their neck. Breathable and skin-friendly lining for added comfort. 

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Innova Dog Comfort® (IDC) Products from JULIUS-K9® stand for quality, security and modern design. The ergonomic structure of the power harness has been designed to perfection. Whereas other conventional collars can often pull on your dog’s neck, the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness sits on your dog’s chest, allowing pulling forces to be evenly distributed over the chest and ribcage. The even force distribution makes the JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness the perfect harness, even for high-impact activities like sports, walking over rough terrain or for use with working dogs.

This neon-green version of the popular harness benefits from a strong, fluorescent yellow colour, making your dog visible at dusk, in bad weather and in traffic. The lining of this robust, quality harness is made from Ökotex, a breathable and skin-friendly fabric. The chest and tummy straps can be continuously adjusted, allowing you to comfortably fit the harness to your dog’s shape. The heavy-duty buckle has also been crash tested for durability and the reflective chest strap and seams provide extra safety for your dog. The back of the harness features an INOX® stainless steel ring for attaching the lead, allowing your dog to walk comfortably without the tugging of a conventional collar. There is also a back handle grip (except for sizes Baby 1 & 2) that allows you to lift or hold the dog for a short time.

Both sides of the harness feature a label patch where you can opt to fit reflective slogans with Velcro. The harness comes with JULIUS-K9® patches as standard, but these can be changed to suit your own style and taste.

JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness – Neon Green at a glance:

  • High quality dog harness, suitable for home use as well as for working dogs
  • Ergonomic design: The special shape distributes pulling forces evenly across the chest, rather than tugging on the dog’s neck
  • Extremely robust, water resistant and durable material: ideal for working dogs, outdoor activities and dog sports, as well as dummy training or agility
  • In a bright fluorescent yellow for better visibility in bad weather, at dusk or in darkness in traffic
  • Ökotex lining: Breathable and skin friendly material, developed according to strict ecological and chemical guidelines
  • Reflective chest strap and edging: For higher visibility and security
    • Size Baby 1 to Mini = light reflecting seam on the chest strap
    • Size 0 to 3 = light reflecting strip on the chest strap
  • Fluorescent and illuminated stickers on both sides
  • Heavy-duty buckle: Resists up to 350kg of force in a crash test
  • Additional side strap for attaching side pockets (Size 0 to 3 only)
  • Continuously adjustable chest and tummy straps: Perfect fit, guaranteed
  • With handle (except Baby 1 & Baby 2 sizes)
  • Materials:
    • 100% Polyester
    • Lining: ÖKO-TEX® certified
    • O-Ring: Stainless steel
    • Klick fastening: Plastic
  • Colour: uv neon green


Size Guide for JULIUS-K9 IDC® Power Harness – Neon Green:


Chest circumference

Dog’s weight

Baby 1

29 - 36cm

0.8 – 3kg

Baby 2

33 - 45cm

2 – 5kg


40 - 53cm

4 – 7kg


49 - 67cm

7 – 15kg

Size 0

58 - 76cm

14 – 25kg

Size 1

63 - 85cm

23 – 30kg

Size 2

71 - 96cm

28 – 40kg

Size 3

82 - 118cm

40 – 70kg


1 kg
Dog size / Weight