Candioli Florentero Tablets Dog/Cat 30 cp
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Candioli Florentero Act dogs & Cats 30 Tables

Restores a normal and efficient intestinal flora. It 'a complementary feed for dogs and cats Recommended to restore a normal and efficient intestinal bacterial flora in all cases dismicrobism due to diarrheal syndromes.

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Florentero is also indicated in cases of: motility disorders, diet and climatic stress, intense physical activity and competitive, environmental changes or dietary, pharmacological treatments which alter the composition of the normal intestinal flora, food poisoning and organic weakening due to infectious diseases and parasitic diseases of the digestive tract.


Fructooligosaccharides, yeast, Maltodextrin, Mnnanoligosaccaridi, lactose, corn starch, vegetable oils and fats, magnesium stearate.


Split the following daily dose into two administrations, in the morning and evening

  • dogs: one tablet every 7 kg weight
  • Cats: a compresssa daily

The combination should be administered for 7-10 days, and may be extended depending on your veterinarian advice.

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