NBF LANES Ribes Pet Symbio Cats 30 pearls
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NBF LANES Ribes Pet Symbio Cats 30 pearls

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Supplementary feed for cats for particular nutritional purposes. Synergic and complete action on the skin and intestinal barrier.




Black currant oil 625 mg
Lactobacillus Reuteri NBF 1 * 200 mg
Zinc Oxide 25 mg
Nucleotides 50 mg

* thermally inactivated




Ribes Pet Symbio Cat can be used as an adjuvant in case of:

  • Adverse food reaction (RAC) with skin and bowel manifestation
  • Support in eliminating dietary protocols
  • In the RAC diagnostic test even in the presence of concurrent therapies
  • How to help relieve RAC recurrences with gastrointestinal and / or dermatological symptoms
  • In subjects with modified intestinal permeability
  • In cases of immunological hyper-reactivity
  • In subjects with reduced oral / mucosal tolerance


  • Ribes Pet Symbio Cat is a complementary feed that helps restore the major components of the cutaneous and intestinal barrier by making the PUFAs superior, such as Ac. Gamma-Linolenic and Stearidone, precursors of PGE1 and PGE3 prostaglandins with anti-inflammatory action, without suppressing the immune response.
  • On the one hand, Ribes Pet Symbio cat thanks to the synergistic action of its components helps the skin barrier efficiency by enhancing hydration and consequent decrease in TEWL; on the other, the Ribes Pet Symbio cat facilitates the rebalancing of the intestinal microbial by favoring the functionality of the intestinal barrier that represents the first line of defense against diarrheal symptoms
  • Ribes Pet Symbio cat thanks to its active ingredients supports oral tolerance, which is the fundamental process by which the intestine maintains an immunological homeostasis at the local and systemic level.

How to use:



Ribes Pet Symbio should be administered to the cat directly in the mouth or in addition to the full daily food for a period of 2 months.

  • Up to 5 kg: 1 pearl per day
  • Over 5 kg: 2 pearls per day

It is recommended that you ask for a veterinarian's opinion prior to use or before extending the period of use.

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