OASY DOG Adult Performance 12 kg
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OASY DOG Adult Performance 12 kg

Complete food for adult dogs who exercise physical activity or have a high energy requirement

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Complete dog food for intensive activities requiring high levels of energy and nutrition. The highest content of high quality (30%) and fat (20%) proteins meets the high energy needs of particularly active dogs for optimal body condition.

Fresh meat offers the utmost in terms of digestibility, nutrition and taste assimilation. Its proteins retain an excellent biological value, fats contain less free radicals and better preservation of vitamins is ensured.

A good muscle tone can be obtained with the integration of L-carnitine. This important nutrient optimizes the use of lipid reserves by supporting muscles with a correct energy input.

Beer, rich in Group B vitamins and important minerals, helps strengthen immune defenses. Vitamin E, as a natural antioxidant, helps keep dogs active and vital.


  • Proteins NOT obtained from intensive breeding animals
  • Absence of carbohydrates derived from cereals
  • Grain-free / gluten-free and no-GMO
  • The use, in the dry version of Legend, of anchovies, surface fish (to avoid the risk of heavy metals), captured in the Pacific Ocean and worked whole
  • The use, in the humid version of Legend, of lamb and chicken from Iceland, which are excellent protein sources of high biological value and excellent digestibility fed to grazing or from extensive breeding
  • The use, in the wet version of Legend, of salmon and cod from the pure waters of the uncontaminated Iceland
  • Natural and antioxidant action of phytotherapy extracts
  • Optimum ratio of Omega3 and Omega6 = 1: 2 essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory function
  • Diet with limited ingredients of high nutritional value, formulated to minimize adverse food reactions and maximize nutrient absorption
  • Rigorous and systematic quality control procedures (more than 5,000 checks a year)


Fresh chicken (20%), poultry meal, poultry fat, rice, corn, wheat, corn gluten, beet pulp, fish meal, hydrolyzed poultry liver, flax seed, brewer's yeast (0.5 %), Chicory, dehydrated whole eggs, minerals, yucca extract, mannanoligosaccharides.


Vitamin A 20,000 IU / kg, Vitamin D3 2000 IU / kg, Vitamin E 175 mg / kg, Sulphate Ferrous Monohydrate 75 mg / kg, Potassium Iodide 3.5 mg / kg, Copper Copper Pentaidrate 10 mg / kg, Sulfate Manganese Monohydrate 7.5 mg / kg, Zinc oxide 150 mg / kg, Selenite sodium 0.2 mg / kg, Taurine 500 mg / kg, L-carnitine 50 mg / kg.

Analytical Components:

Raw protein 30%, crude oil and fat 20%, Omega-6 fatty acids 4.3%, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.6%, 2.5% raw fiber, 8.5% crude ash, calcium 1.5 %, Phosphorus 1,1% moisture 9%.


The feed is ready for use and served at room temperature. Always leave the freshwater animal available.

Dog weightGrams
1 - 4 kg.30 - 80
5 - 10 kg.90 - 150
11 - 25 kg.170 - 300
26 - 44 kg.320 - 450
45 - 60 kg.470 - 580

These dosages are considered indicative: adjust the doses according to physical activity, age, race, individual physical condition and climatic conditions.