NBF LANES RIBES PET Recovery 60 Pearls
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NBF LANES RIBES PET Recovery 60 Pearls

Utile per ripristinare la barriera epidermica e per ridurre l’infiammazione cutanea

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Useful for restoring the epidermal barrier and reduce the skin inflammation in a patient with atopic dermatitis being prolonged treatments or chronic diseases and / or relapsing.

The effect of Ribes Pet pearls recovery persists after discontinuing the administration and allows its use in cycles throughout the patient's life atopic. Ribes Pet pearls recovery with 60 blister pearls, is designed to make it easy and convenient to complete ongoing treatment of chronic diseases, especially when it is advisable to use the preparation for life or cycles.

When it is appropriate association of Ribes Pet pearls recovery with corticosteroids or antihistamines, you can reduce the dose of the first and potentiate the effect of the latter.


  • Ribes Pet pearls recovery is a feed supplement for dogs and cats with special nutritional purposes to a high concentration of essential fatty acids
  • Support of skin formulation in the case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair.
  • Useful to restore the normal condition in all those situations of alteration of the skin barrier.


of blackcurrant seed oil.

nutritional intake for Pearl

Ac. Linoleic (LA)
Omega 6 Essential
287,5 mg
Ac. Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA)
Omega 6 Polyunsaturated
87,5 mg
Ac. Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA)
Omega 3 Essential
84,5 mg
Ac. Stearidonic (SDA)
Omega 3 Polyunsaturated
15,0 mg


Dog and cat:

Ribes Pet pearls is administered directly into the mouth or added to normal food

  • Attack phase: 30 days, every day
  • Maintenance phase: 2-3 times a week


  • P.V. 0-5 kg, 1 Pearl
  • P.V. 5-10 kg. 2 pearl
  • P.V. 10-20 kg, 3 pearl
  • Oltre 20 kg, 4 pearl

The method of use may vary at the discretion of veterinary surgeon.

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