FERPLAST Puller Standard
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FERPLAST Puller Standard

Dimension: Ø 27 x 8,5 cm

Interactive game for training small dogs and puppies. Set of 2 rings in sturdy and non-toxic material.

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Puller is an innovative tool very useful in the education and training of the dog: thanks to the set of two rings it ensures an excellent daily training, thus keeping your friend's muscles toned and improving their resistance. It can be used in different activities such as running, jumping and shooting.

RUN: the dog grabs the Puller rings and brings them back one at a time. If the dog does not want to release the ring, just show him the second one. The exercise teaches the dog to bring back an object and helps him to improve speed and agility. JUMP: the dog jumps and bites into the Puller. As soon as the dog grabs the ring, immediately give him the second. Exercise improves the dog's attention and reaction capacity. SHOOT: the dog takes the Puller one after the other. Exercise improves strength and endurance.

The Puller game is made of non-toxic compound polymer, a resistant but light material at the same time. Floating and safe for the animal, odorless, it is designed not to damage the teeth of your faithful friend.

Puller is available in different models to choose from depending on the size of the dog. The Puller Standard model, for example, is ideal for medium and large dogs. The package contains 2 Puller rings.

Warnings: Puller is not a toy for children. Check and replace if damaged. It is not a chew toy for the dog.

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