Bayer Solfac Plus Automatic Casa 150ml
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Bayer Solfac Plus doghouses 250 ml

To treat cucumbers, sleeping bags, mats and the like, frequented by dogs and cats. Product intended solely for environmental use


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Bayer Solfac Plus Cucce is an antiparasitic disinfectant for wooden cucumbers, fabric bunks, pillows, carpets, ect .. and for all those places that your animal is very busy. The parasitic pressure that you may have (especially in the summer) of environments that have become flea populations will thus be reduced very quickly!

Beneficial indications (double action, long effectiveness, low toxicity, ect ..) make Solfac Plus Cucce a useful grip in fleeing, larvae and mites for good environmental hygiene, alongside seasonal treatment of animals (eg . Spot on and applications). Available in one 250 ml spray format.




Solfac Plus Cucs is used as a normal spray in most pet-friendly places, cuddles, cuddles, baskets, cushions, blankets, mats, carpets, cracks and corners of the floor, keeping about 50 cm away from the surfaces from Treat, until a slight dampening of the treated surfaces is obtained. Usually it does not sag and does not stain and the odor of the formulation fades quickly. It is advisable to combine the use of Solfac Plus Cucce with Solfac Automatic home and repeat the treatment several times during the year (at least 2-3 times), especially in the most favorable periods for the development and proliferation of fleas .



It contains an association of two last-generation active ingredients: Ciflutrin and an insect growth regulator (IGR), Piriproxifen. The two substances counteract the pesticide synergistically by interfering with the biological insect cycle: Cyfluthrin has wide-spectrum effectiveness against adult insects, particularly fleas (adulticidal effect), while Piriproxifen interrupts the development of Larvae forms of fleas in adults (larvicidal effect). The combination of these active ingredients, in addition to the photostability of Ciflutrin and the specificity of Piriproxifen insect receptors, in Solfac Plus Cucce assures considerable residual activity: up to six months for each treatment. Experimental tests have shown low toxicity to plants, birds and mammals, including humans and hence the non-hazardous formulation.



Carefully read the instructions and the operating instructions. Keep out of reach of children.

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