ACANA SINGLES DOG Grass-Feed Lamb 11,4 kg
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ACANA SINGLES DOG Grass-Feed Lamb 11,4 kg

Croquettes monoproteiche and hypoallergenic dog, no grains, with only 50% of lamb source of animal protein, 50% of fruit and vegetables, of which 10% of Okanagan apples rich in vitamins.

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Singles Acana Lamb & Apple Okanagan is a hypoallergenic premium quality dry food for adult dogs, which contains valuable aromatic lamb as the sole source of animal protein. For its small number of ingredients that monoproteico food it is ideal for dogs with food intolerance sensitivity.


This food inspired by natural nutritional needs of the dog stands out for its high-quality ingredients that are absorbed well by the body guaranteeing the well-being and vitality dog. Its high lamb content equal to 50% and consists of liver, tripe and kidney provides the dog with a sufficient amount of valuable proteins. The flesh is aromatic, tasty and also for human consumption.

The remaining 50% of the ingredients are locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Garbanzo beans, pumpkin melon and carrots together 10% of Okanagan apples make essential vitamins from natural sources, and strengthen the immune system. Thus the carbohydrate content of these kibble is very reduced and, combined with the high protein intake, it helps to keep the blood sugar constant for a long time, which has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity and the accumulation of fat.


The precious fatty acids long-chain Omega 3 EPA and DHA, derived dall'alga Seetang, strengthen the immune system and contribute to healthy skin and coat. The Seetang seaweed along with juniper berries, all'Alfalfa and peppermint leaves, stimulate the metabolism and aid digestion. Other functional ingredients complete this food and provide the dog everything he needs for an active life.






  • delicious kibble for adult dogs
  • ideal for dogs with food sensitivities
  • monoproteiche: lamb as the sole aromatic source of animal protein
  • 50% of animal protein: Liver, kidney and lamb tripe
  • highest quality of ingredients of animal origin: totally free of preservatives and otherwise intended for human consumption
  • 50% of fruit and vegetables: to strengthen the immune system with 10% of apples Okanaganfagioli Garbanzo, pumpkin melon and carrots
  • for metabolism: Seetang with seaweed, juniper, lavender, Alfalfa and peppermint leaves
  • no cereals: a stable blood level of glucose, inspired by natural nutritional needs of the dog
  • for the health of skin and hair: Seetang derived from seaweed with EPA and DHA (omega 3 fatty acids)
  • with chicory root: natural source of prebiotics, which prevents the spread of pathological bacteria in the intestines and promotes a balanced intestinal flora





dehydrated lamb (22%), boneless lamb (15%), green lentils, red lentils, lamb liver (5%), Red Delicious apples dall'Okanagan entire Valley (10%), lamb fat 5%, peas, peas yellow, canola oil, marine algae (sources of DHA and EPA), garbanzo beans, pumpkin, carrots, lamb tripe (1.5%), lamb kidney (1.5%), freeze-dried lamb's liver, seaweed Seetang , chicory root, ginger root, peppermint leaves, lemon balm.


Physiological nutritional additives:
vitamin A (10,000 IU / kg), vitamin K2 (800 IU / kg), vitamin D3 (700 IU / kg), B3 [niacin] (270 mg / kg), vitamin E (280 IU / kg), B1 [thiamine ] (60 mg / kg), vitamin B12 (400 IU / kg), B2 [riboflavin] (39 mg / kg), vitamin (85 mg / kg), choline (2,000 mg / kg), biotin (0.8 mg / kg), B6 [pyridoxine] (32 mg / kg), folic acid (2.5 mg / kg), B5 [pantothenic acid] (34 mg / kg).



Analytical constituents:

crude protein27.0 %
crude oils and fats15.0 %
raw fibers6.5 %
Crude ash9.0 %
calcium2.0 %
phosphor1.43 %
chondroitin800.0 mg/kg
glucosamine600.0 mg/kg
Omega 3 fatty acids0.8 %
Omega 6 fatty acids1.6 %
metabolizable energy3505.0 kcal/kg



Recommended daily dose:


body weightintense activitynormal activity
1 - 5 kg50 - 90 g45 - 75 g
6 - 10 kg90 - 135 g75 - 115 g
11 - 20 kg135 - 250 g115 - 225 g
21 - 40 kg250 - 420 g225 - 390 g
41 - 50 kg420 - 590 g390 - 540 g

12 kg
11.4 Kg
Grain Free
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