ACANA HERITAGE DOG Adult Large Breed 11,4 kg
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ACANA HERITAGE DOG Adult Large Breed 11,4 kg

Premium and natural food Canadian-born adult large dogs, from 25 kg. With eggs, poultry and fish, 60% of meat and fresh local ingredients. Gluten or wheat.

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The recipe of Acana Adult Large Breed is based on WHOLEPREY ™ principle, oriented to the natural nutritional needs of adult large breed dog. Therefore the composition corresponds to hunted by his ancestors who lived free in nature. This food contains a combination of different protein sources animal and has a particularly high proportion of meat equal to 60% - a third of which is fresh meat. To ensure an optimum body condition this food contains a reduced amount of carbohydrates in order to maintain the low glycemic index and prevent diabetes and overweight. This will not unnecessarily overloaded joints of large breed dogs. In addition a variety of fruits, vegetables and plant extracts provides your dog with all the vitamins and minerals it needs for its general well-being and an active life.   


The Canadian producer Acana, for its premium food, work, in the kitchen of his property, only the best local ingredients, also suitable for human consumption. These are delivered fresh daily by farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Chickens bred free, whole eggs, audiences fished offshore with sustainable fishing techniques as well as the fruits of fields and local fields contain a sufficient proportion of animal protein and a wide spectrum of nutrients.


For this reason there is the need to integrate this food with additions of synthetic nature. Just one look at the ingredient list of Acana Adult Large Breed Dog to realize the quality! An absolutely niche, for demanding dogs, which encompasses all the richness of the nature of Canada.




  • premium quality dry food for adult dogs of large size from 25 kg body weight
  • Natural recipe for optimal body condition of large breed dogs
  • high quality raw materials: all the ingredients, supplied fresh daily, coming from Canada, agriculture or local fishing, and are quality assessed as fit for human consumption
  • principle WHOLEPREY ™: adequate composition to the natural nutritional needs of dogs, tend account the prey of wild ancestors
  • 60% of meat - of which 1/3 fresh meat: This very high percentage provides the body with valuable proteins
  • 40% of vegetables, fruit and herbs: to provide all the essential nutrients, taking inspiration from the original diet
  • rich in animal protein sources with free bred chicken and whole eggs from Canadian farms and plaice fished from sustainable fisheries
  • reduced-carbohydrate (25%): no potatoes, tapioca and grains but with peas and local lentils, which have a low glycemic index and prevent diabetes and overweight, to avoid overloading the joints
  • gluten or wheat
  • with fruits and vegetables: large variety of local ingredients, containing essential vitamins and nutrients that can have regulating effect on digestion
  • with local herbs: precious plant extracts from herbs growing in British Columbia, can promote metabolism
  • without additives of synthesis: high quality of the ingredients, Voss to be placed in a natural way all the essential nutrients and makes superfluous the addition of additives
  • with zinc: the only added substance, in combination with the fatty acids contained in plaice, the health of skin and coat
  • Successful production process: the food is produced exclusively in kitchens owned by the company, without resorting to outsourcing, the high-tech process for the elaboration of fresh ingredients keeps the nutrients intact
  • unique taste: the fresh liver, freeze-dried in the kitchens Acana, ensures palatability only
  • sustainable business philosophy: cooperation with local farms and fishermen, who work in harmony with nature, leads to security and reliable quality and freshness, Canada





deboned fresh meat (13%), chicken, dehydrated chicken (12%), meat, dehydrated turkey (11%), red lentils, whole green peas (8%), field beans, fresh chicken giblets (liver, heart, kidneys) (4%), Atlantic herring dried (4%), whole fresh eggs (4%), whole fresh plaice (4%), herring oil (3%), chicken fat (3%) , sun-dried alfalfa, green lentils, whole yellow peas, pea fiber, fresh chicken cartilage (2%), Seetang brown seaweed, fresh pumpkin, fresh zucchini, fresh parsnips, fresh cabbage, fresh spinach, fresh brown mustard, leaves fresh broccoli, fresh carrots, fresh apples "Red Delicious", fresh pears "Bartlett", chicken liver freeze-dried, freeze-dried turkey liver, fresh and whole Cramberry, fresh, whole blueberries blacks, chicory root, turmeric, milk thistle, roots of burdock, lavender, true roots of hibiscus, rosehip.

physiological and nutritional additives:
E6 [zinc] (100 mg / kg), Enterococcus faecium.
technological additives:
vitamin E (preservative).



analytical constituents

crude protein33.0 %
crude oils and fats14.0 %
raw fibers4.0 %
Crude ash7.5 %
calcium1.6 %
phosphor1.1 %
chondroitin900.0 ml
glucosamine1500.0 ml
Omega 3 fatty acids0.9 %
Omega 6 fatty acids2.5 %
metabolizable energy3458.0 kcal/kg
Acids EPA / DHA fatty0.4 mg


Recommended daily dose:


Weight of dogActive LifestyleLifestyle proactive
30 kg400 g270 g
40 kg510 g330 g
50 kg600 g390 g
60 kg660 g450 g
70 kg750 g510 g
80 kg840 g560 g

The actual amount to be administered depend on various factors such as the environment in which the dog is, the age and type of activity. Keep an eye on the weight of your animal and always tenetene account in apportioning his meals. Divide the daily intake of food into two rations and let him always have fresh water.

12 kg
11.4 Kg
Grain Free