ACANA HERITAGE DOG Puppy Small Breed 2 kg
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ACANA HERITAGE DOG Puppy Small Breed 2 kg

Natural kibble for puppies (max weight of adult dog 9 kg), with 70% of fresh meat referred 1/3, produced in Canada with valuable ingredients of regionals, gluten-free and wheat

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Acana Puppy Small Breed is a Canadian dry food of premium quality whose natural recipe is synonymous with excellent quality and guarantees a complete supply of nutrients to your puppy during its growth. Since 1985 for the production that takes place in Albertavengono worked only the best local produce, delivered fresh every day from breeders, farmers and fishermen of western Canada. These contain sufficient animal protein and many vitamins and micronutrients in such a way that it is not necessary to supplement the food with artificial additives.


high meat percentage, 70%, of which 1/3 fresh meat and a balanced mix of different sources of animal protein. It 'was specifically designed to meet the needs of puppies belonging to smaller breeds with a maximum weight of an adult dog of 9 kg. The free range chicken, the egg from the nest of the farms and plaice Western Canada provide a high energy content and an excellent taste. Also this food contains carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and lots of fruit, vegetables and plant extracts.


So the body of your little friend paw provide all the vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids it needs for healthy development. Just take a look at the list of ingredients in Acana Puppy Small Breed to notice the quality of this food. Not for nothing Acana was recognized for its sustainable business philosophy and attention to the goodness and freshness. A top product for discerning young dogs, in which lies the whole substantial nature of Canada!




  • croquettes exquisite for growing dogs belonging to small breeds with a maximum weight of an adult dog of 9 kg
  • recipe natual optimized for the growth phase
  • top quality: all agricultural ingredients or Canadian Regional fisheries, provided fresh every day
  • principle WHOLEPREY ™: suitable composition to the natural nutritional needs of dogs, according to the predatory system of their ancestors who lived in the wild
  • 70% of meat - of which 1/3 fresh meat: the high quantity provides the body with the valuable proteins for growth
  • 30% of vegetables, fruit and herbs: for an optimal supply of nutrients and vitamins, which regulate digestion
  • rich in animal protein sources: free-range chickens and eggs from whole nest of pattorie canadesie plaice Sustainable Fisheries
  • low carbohydrate (25%): no potatoes, tapioca and beans, in place peas and lentils premises, which have a low glycemic index thus preventing overweight and diabetes
  • Gluten and wheat
  • local herbs: quality vegetable extracts of herbs, growing in British Columbia support the metabolism
  • no artificial additives: high quality ingredients that provide naturally all the necessary nutrients thus making it unnecessary supplementation with additives
  • with zinc: single nutrient supplement, associated with the unsaturated fatty acids contained in the plaice promotes healthy skin and coat
  • manufacturing process rewarded: food produced exclusively in the kitchen without contracts to third parties, the High-Tech process for the processing of fresh ingredients allows you to retain the natural nutrients
  • unique taste: fresh liver, freeze-dried food in Acana, which ensures optimal un'accettanza
  • sustainable business philosophy: the collaboration with farmers and local paescatori, working in harmony with nature ensures safety, reliable and Canadian freshness quality





without bones (16% fresh chicken) meat, dried chicken meat (13%), dried turkey meat (12%), red lentils, whole fresh peas, fresh chicken offal (liver, heart, kidneys) (7% ), chicken fat (7%), whole fresh eggs (4%), fresh whole plaice (4%), dried Atlantic herring (3%), herring oil (2%), alfalfa dried in the sun (2%) , green lentils, beans (2%), whole green peas, pea fiber, fresh chicken cartilage (2%), Seetang brown, spirulina, fresh pumpkin, fresh parsnips, fresh cabbage, fresh spinach, fresh brown mustard, leaves turnip, fresh carrots, apples "red delicious" fresh, of Tacchio lyophilized liver, fresh whole cranberry, fresh whole blueberries, chicory root, turmeric, milk thistle, large roots of Arctium, lavender flowers, true roots of hibiscus, rose hips .

physiological and nutritional additives:
E6 [zinc] (100 mg / kg), Enterococcus faecium.



Analytical constituents

crude protein32.0 %
crude oils and fats21.0 %
Crude ash7.5 %
calcium1.6 %
phosphor1.1 %
chondroitin900.0 mg/kg
glucosamine1400.0 mg/kg
Omega 3 fatty acids0.9 %
Omega 6 fatty acids2.5 %
Vegetable Fibres4.0 %
metabolizable energy3784.0 kcal/kg



Recommended daily dose: 

Weight of dogAdult weight 2 kgAdult weight 5 kgAdult weight 7 kgAdult weight 9 kg
1 kg40 g60 g60 g60 g
2 kg40 g80 g80 g80 g
3 kg-90 g120 g120 g
5 kg-80 g120 g120 g
7 kg--90 g180 g
9 kg---120 g
2.50 kg
2.00 Kg
Grain Free


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