Forza 10 Vegetal with Algae All Breed kg.10
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Forza 10 Vegetal with Algae All Breed kg.10

Vegetal Bio Seaweed All Breeds is a complete food, full vegetable, organic certified and formulated according to Vegan standards.

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The raw materials of high quality, selected with special solutions such as the use of algae bio with recognized health, ensure a good supply of nutrients and keep the dog in perfect shape. The specific organic formulation makes it also suitable for people who are hypersensitive to the presence of industrial chemical residues in food.

These features make Vegetal Bio Seaweed All Breeds an especially healthy food, nutritious, palatable, digestible and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Unlike conventional feed, in the biological it is not allowed the use of appetizing substances synthesis or produced by genetic engineering. The desirability of Vegetal Bio Seaweed All Breeds is then ensured only by the use of raw materials of high quality and natural extracts in the formulation.


cereali* (50%), ortaggi (soia)* (22%), estratti di proteine vegetali*, oli e grassi (olio di girasole)* (6.8%), alghe (Ascophyllum nodosum)* (6%), sostanze minerali.

* 100% organic raw materials.


vitamins: vitamin E / all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 110 mg / kg, vitamin B1 3 mg / kg, vitamin B2 8 mg / kg, vitamin B6 6 mg / kg, D-pantothenic acid 12 mg / kg, vitamin H (Biotin) 0.1 mg / kg, vitamin PP 20 mg / kg, vitamin B12 12:05 mg / kg, folic acid 3 mg / kg. Trace elements: ferrous carbonate 95 mg / kg, zinc oxide 90 mg / kg, manganous oxide 55 mg / kg, cupric sulfate 18 mg / kg, cobalt sulphate 0.2 mg / kg, sodium iodide 2.5 mg / kg, sodium selenite 0.2 mg / kg. Technological additives: extract rich in natural tocopherols 20 mg / kg.

Analytical components

moisture 9%, crude protein 22%, oils and fats 11%, crude fiber 3%, 5% crude ash. Omega3 0.5%.

energy Metabolisable

3.452 kcal/kg - 14.5 MJ/kg

The company

With its technologically advanced and immediately got the certification of suitability for the production of organic food (under the control of CCPB), dietary and food maintenance.

FORZA10 was awarded among the companies "Green Brand 2011, 2012 and 2013" because:
- Diet and Active lines are integrated with specific natural principles standardized and titrated, thereby resulting in achieving and maintaining good health without the use of pharmacological substances notoriously marked by numerous side effects
- Using natural raw materials such as fish caught at sea, the pure fish oil and algae, all naturally rich in precious and essential nutrients
- Is an eco-sustainable and ethical
- It has a photovoltaic system that has allowed a major energy saving the planet
- Is fully aware of being able to represent the Green Brand in the most authentic and credible
- Using, for storage, natural substances to 100% without resorting to chemical additives

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