Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Healthy Mobility Large Breed 12 kg
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Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Healthy Mobility Large Breed 12 kg

Kibble for dogs with sensitive joints problems.

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The large dogs such as Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds are among the breeds most at risk of joint disorders. Some signals may occur already in the young subject, and worsened with age.

Product description:

New croquettes Hill's Science Plan Adult Healthy Mobility Large Breed is a perfectly balanced feed, administered in the long run, aimed at supporting the motility and joint health of the adult dog of great size (from 25 kg and 1 year age). Hill's Science Plan Adult Healthy Mobility Large Breed encourages:

  • a better motility
  • the elasticity of the joints
  • a gait harmonious

The power of fatty acids Omega-3:

Drawing on a wealth of experience and deep knowledge in the field of therapeutic, Hill's has already big hits in the treatment of animals with joint problems.
Mobility is an important aspect, even decisive to maintain a good state of health and lifestyle.

The croquettes Hill's Canine Healthy Mobility is a complete and balanced dry food, specially developed to support and maintain the health of the joints of dogs particularly delicate, thanks to the contribution of fatty acids Omega-3 from fish oil, in particular of 'eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). To solve specific problems related to joints, Hill's Canine Healthy Mobility presents:
  • a concentration of fatty acids Omega-3, 4 times the amount of kibble Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Chicken
  • a special antioxidant formula clinically tested, for the neutralization of free radicals and strengthening the immune system

Hill's Science Plan Healthy Mobility is one of the products of the Science Plan, which aims to solve certain physical problems through the power of the dog. Each product in the Science Plan is tailored to the particular needs of the individual subject. With the products in this range will be sure to offer the ideal supply both dogs healthy and active, both in dogs with special nutritional needs.

All Hill's products contain:

  • a balanced composition of 50 nutrients
  • clinically proven antioxidants to support a healthy immune system
  • nutrients of first quality and natural preservatives

The fine ingredients and easily digestible nuggets of Hill's make it a food with nutritional value much higher than that of other feed. This allows you to somministrarne a limited amount and thus save on food costs.

corn, wheat, poultry meal, soybean flour, animal fat, protein hydrolyzate, linseed, corn gluten meal, pea bran, fish oil, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate, ground rice, sodium chloride .


Nutritional additives: vitamin A [E 672] (24 165 IU / kg), vitamin D3 [E 671] (1,420 IU / kg), iron [E1] (81.1 mg / kg), iodine [E2] (1.3 mg / kg), copper [E4] (8.0 mg / kg), manganese [E5] (109.4 mg / kg), zinc [E6] (167.7 mg / kg), selenium [E8] (0 , 2 mg / kg).
with natural preservatives and natural antioxidants.
Feeding recommendations:

Hill's Science Plan Adult Healthy Mobility Large Breed is a complete food for dogs.

Weight of dogDose in g
25 kg285 - 395
30 kg330 - 455
35 kg370 - 510
40 kg410 - 565
45 kg445 - 615
50 kg480 - 665
60 kg+10 g / kg

Always let in plenty of fresh water available to the animal.

The recommended doses are guide values which must be adapted to individual needs, in order to maintain a healthy weight of the animal. If somministriate Hill's for the first time, let the animal a week to get used to the new diet, mixing the new food with the old and gradually increase the amount. To ensure your dog a long and healthy life, feed it in a balanced and subject it to regular veterinary visits (at least twice a year).

13 kg
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