Hill's Science Plan Canine Mature Adult Light 7+ Chicken 14 kg
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Hill's Science Plan Canine Mature Adult Light 7+ Chicken 14 kg

Kibble designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and energy from 7 years old, weighing more than 25 kg. Reduced caloric intake.

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Hill's Science Plan Mature 7+ Light with Chicken is a dry food with reduced caloric intake and limited fat to help your dog to maintain their weight over time.

Product description:

This food not only offers a complete selection of balanced and nutritious, but also has a great taste! With special antioxidant formula, to prevent health problems!

All the features of Hill's Science Plan Mature 7+ Light with Chicken:

  • Hill's Science Plan Mature 7+ Light with Chicken has a low intake of calories and fat, to help senior dogs prone to being overweight to maintain your ideal weight.
  • Low in fat and high in fiber, means that the dog does not get fat, with the same food given.
  • It contains 48% fat and 16% fewer calories than Hill's Canine Mature Adult Senior.
  • The l-carnitine burns fat and turns them into energy while maintaining lean body mass.
  • An exclusive complex of antioxidants reduces cell oxidation and strengthens the immune system.
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, from natural sources, and maintain mobile health in the joints of the dog.
  • Recipe balanced and exceptional taste.

The fine ingredients and easily digestible of Hill's Science Plan Mature 7+ Light with Chicken make it a food with nutritional value much higher than that of other foods. This allows you to somministrarne a limited amount and therefore save on food costs.


corn, poultry meal (min. 20% chicken), pea flour middlings, wheat, powdered cellulose, beet pulp, hydrolyzed protein, flaxseed, vegetable oil, minerals, sodium chloride, potassium chloride .


Nutritional additives:
vitamin A [E 672] (16,000 IU / kg), vitamin D3 [E 671] (941 IE / kg), iron [E1] (78.4 mg / kg), iodine [E2] (1.3 mg / kg ), copper [E4] (7.7 mg / kg), manganese [E5] (8.1 mg / kg), zinc [E6] (162.3 mg / kg), selenium [E8] (0.2 mg / kg).
With natural preservatives and natural antioxidants.

Feeding recommendations per pet in g:


Weight of dogDose in g
2,5 kg55 - 75
5 kg90 - 125
10 kg150 - 205
20 kg250 - 350
30 kg340 - 470
40 kg425 - 585
50+ kg11/kg

The recommended doses are guide values which must be adapted to individual needs, in order to maintain a healthy weight of the animal. If somministriate Hill's for the first time, let the animal a week to get used to the new diet, mixing the new food with the old and gradually increase the amount. Always let in plenty of fresh water available to the animal. To ensure your dog a long and healthy life, feed it in a balanced and subject it to regular veterinary visits (at least twice a year).

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