ALMO NATURE Alternatives Cat with Fresh Chicken and Rice 750 g
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copy of ALMO NATURE Alternative Cat with Fresh Chicken and Rice 2 Kg

Complete food for cats

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Dry is the only alternative kibble for cats that do not contain flour or dehydrated meat, only 100% fresh meat HFC that is suitable origin for human consumption 1.
This makes it different from any other kibble exists today, because it improves the quality of the daily diet of all cats.

Fresh sturgeon, fresh salmon, fresh chicken: Three Recipes 100% HFC1 that meet the tastes and needs of all cats, helping to restore well-being in the increasingly frequent cases of adverse reactions to food and keep it day after day


  •       100% Meat Meal Free - no flour or dehydrated meat
          100% HFC - meat and rice were originally intended for human consumption 1
          Single Meat - one source of meat
          palatability without added flavorings
          Suitable for cats hypersensitive to foods
          Ideal for exclusion diets
          No GMO

1for every product, the only species used is clearly indicated on the label (chicken or salmon or lamb) and Second Regulations (EC) No 1069/2009 Art. 10 paragraph a) "[...] parts of slaughtered animals, declared fit for human consumption in accordance with Community legislation, but not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons


fresh chicken 55%, rice, hydrolysed animal proteins, maize gluten, chicken fat, eggs, yeast, minerals, salmon oil *, cellulose, mannan-oligo-saccharides 0.2%, chicory inulin -Source of FOS - 0.2%.

Additives - Nutritional additives
Vitamin A 24000 IU / kg Vitamin D3 1700 IU / kg vitamin E 400 mg / kg, Vitamin B1 10 mg / kg, vitamin B2 8 mg / kg, calcium Dpantotenato 16 mg / kg, Vitamin B6 6 mg / kg, vitamin B12 0.15 mg / kg, vitamin C (3a300) 50 mg / kg, choline chloride 3066 mg / kg, niacin 50 mg / kg, biotin 0.5 mg / kg, taurine 1000 mg / kg, vitamin K 1 mg / kg, folic acid 1 mg / kg, cupric sulfate pentahydrate 32 mg / kg, cupric chelate of amino acids hydrate 40 mg / kg, calcium iodate anhydrous coated granules (3b203) 1.54 mg / kg, zinc oxide, monohydrate 166.7 mg / kg, chelate of amino acids hydrate 266.7 mg / kg, manganous sulphate, monohydrate 78.1 mg / kg, selenium in organic form (3b8.10) 65.2 mg / kg.

analytical constituents
1.2% calcium, phosphorus 0.96%, potassium 0.6%, 0.12% magnesium, 0.53% omega 3, omega 6 3.69%. * Natural source of omega 3

Crude protein 30%
Crude fiber 1.5%
Oils and fats 20%
Crude ash 8.1%
Humidity 9.5%


Weight of Catdaily amount
2.50 kg
2.00 Kg


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