ACANA DOG Regional Red 11,4 kg
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ORIJEN Regional Red 11,4 kg

Premium quality dry food for adult dogs. 85% red meat, fish and eggs, 15% fruit and vegetables, 0% cereals, Angus meat, bison and wild boar from Canada

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Orijen Regional Red Cane is a premium quality dry food for adult dogs, to meet their normal nutritional needs. The Orijen Regional Red Cane recipe follows the WHOLEPREY ™ principle: The "whole prey concept" is based on the natural nutritional needs of your dog and for his nutritional plan follows the example of his ancestors in nature. This Premium Quality Dry Food, produced in Canada, has a high content of meat and fish of 85%. Two thirds of the ingredients used for its preparation, all of which are suitable for human consumption, are processed fresh. The other third consists of dehydrated ingredients at 90 °, which provide an extra portion of valuable protein. In addition, the Orijen Regional Red Cane croquettes feature a large amount of fruit, vegetables and vegetable extracts, to offer your dog vitamins and minerals to the fullest extent to their well-being.

The Orijen Canadian company deals only with the best local products, which are sent daily fresh from farmers, breeders and fishermen in the region. Meat, liver, hearts, kidneys and cartilage of angus, bison, wild boar, beef, lamb and pork raised without cages, whole sardines caught in pure Canada's water, regional eggs and fruits contain enough protein (38%) and a great variety of nutrients. For this reason, there is no need to enrich this food with many chemical additives. To these ingredients was added only zinc, precious trace element.

A look at Orijen Regional Red Cane ingredients list will convince you of its quality! An exclusive dog product that encloses all of Canada's uncontaminated and rich nature to keep the weight healthy.




  • premium quality dry food for adult dogs of all breeds
  • with 38% protein: with a good amino acid profile, rich in protein to meet the natural nutritional needs of the dog, on the pattern of the prey of his ancestor in nature
  • high quality: prepared with the highest quality ingredients of Canadian origin, suitable for human consumption and freshly sent daily by farmers and fishermen from the region
  • WHOLEPREY ™ principle: "preda whole concept" that focuses on the natural nutritional needs of your dog and for his nutritional plan follows the example of his ancestors in nature
    with 85% of meat: to provide the body with valuable animal proteins
  • 2/3 of fresh or uncooked meat: very delicious and succulent
  • 1/3 of dehydrated meat: gently dried at 90 °, with a high density of nutrients and protein concentration
  • low glycemic index (0% cereals): low carbohydrate content (19%) and free of sugars available for absorption, free from cereals, potatoes and tapioca, ideal for maintaining weight
  • with different sources of animal protein: angus, bison, wild boar, beef, lamb and pork, local farm eggs, whole sardines in nature in pristine waters of Canada
  • 15% Vegetables, Fruits and Vegetable Extract: A wide variety of local ingredients that contain essential vitamins and have a regulating effect on digestion
  • free of cereals, gluten, GMOs and vegetable protein concentrates: suitable for sensitive dogs with food problems and allergies
  • with few chemical additives: the high quality of the ingredients offers important nutrients in a natural way, rendering superfluous enrichment with so many additives
    with zinc: the only added additive
  • modern production method: food is produced exclusively in award-winning corporate kitchens, without outsourcing, while retaining the best active ingredients of fresh ingredients
  • unique in taste: with fresh and lyophilized liver, for the best acceptance even for difficult dogs
  • sustainable business philosophy: cooperation with local breeders and breeders, working in harmony with nature, for increased security, responsible quality and freshness from Canada




Angus fresh meat (11%), fresh boar meat (4%), fresh bison meat (4%), fresh meat or raw beef and lamb (4%), fresh pork (4%), liver (4%), whole fresh (4%), fresh boar liver (4%), dehydrated lamb (4%), fresh beef (4%), fresh beef tripe (4%), , dehydrated beef (4%), dehydrated whole herbs (4%), dehydrated sheep meat (4%), dehydrated pork (4%), lamb fresh lamb (3.5%), (3%), whole red lentils, whole green lentils, whole green peas, lentil fiber, whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, whole pear beans (3.5%), whole dehydrated sardines (3%), white beans, pork fat (1%), beef fat (1%), beef cartilage (1%), herring oil (1%), dehydrated beef liver, dehydrated beef tripe, liver of lamb dehydrated, dehydrated lamb tripe, fresh pumpkin, fresh whole butternut pumpkin, whole fresh courgettes, whole fresh pastry, fresh carrots, whole red apples, fresh pears whole, fresh green cabbage, fresh spinach, fresh beetroot, fresh beetroot, brown algae, whole cranberries, whole blueberries, amelanchier alnifolia root chicory, turmeric root, marigold, root of Arctium, lavender, root of Althaea officinalis, canine rose, Enterococcus faecium.


Physiological-nutritional additives:
zinc chelate (100 mg / kg).



Peso del caneCane attivoCane meno attivo
1 - 5 kg75 - 10040 - 75
5 - 10 kg100 - 15075 - 115
10 - 20 kg150 - 275115 - 200
20 - 35 kg275 - 375200 - 275
35 - 50 kg375 - 500275 - 400
50 - 65 kg500 - 575400 - 525


Serve dry or slightly moistened food. For a long lasting freshness, we recommend closing the container well and storing it in a cool, dry place.

11.4 Kg
Grain Free
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