ACANA REGIONALS CAT Grasslands 1,8 kg
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ACANA REGIONALS CAT Grasslands 1,8 kg

Dry Cat Food with 4 different sources of protein: lamb, duck, fish and eggs, all of Canadian origin! No cereals, dyes, flavor enhancers or artificial preservatives!

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The croquettes for cats Acana Grasslands do not contain cereals and are composed of a unique selection of fresh Canadian ingredients. Dry food for cats Acana Grasslands responds exactly to the natural nutritional needs of the cat as it has a high percentage of protein, is low in carbohydrates and is both the best basis to provide your cat healthy by nature.


Acana Grasslands for cats contains a 4 precious and allergy-free sources of protein:

  • lamb from New Zealand pasture: easily digestible and rich in valuable protein, B vitamins, zinc and iron
  • fresh meat of farmed ducks free from Aurora (Ontario), rich in essential nutrients such as protein, iron, selenium, vitamins A, B and E
  • Canadian pike and whiting: freshly caught and processed within the same day, are a source of valuable proteins, selenium and vitamin B12
  • Canadian eggs: (Class A), fresh day and rich in all essential amino acids




  • They contain valuable Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA) from freshly caught fish, which make the hair shinier and healthier skin
  • are devoid of cereals, contain a low percentage of carbohydrates and are of high quality proteins, in order to appropriately meet the natural needs of the cat food
  • Canadian fruit and vegetables supply natural phytonutrients and vitamins with antioxidant properties
  • contain 4 different sources of highly digestible protein such as lamb, duck, fish and eggs; are free of grains, soy, chicken, turkey or beef
  • NOT contain dyes, flavorings or artificial preservatives, or genetically modified foods
  • all animal ingredients used in the production of dog food Acana Grasslands come exclusively from animals destined for human consumption

Dry food for cats Acana Grasslands meets the nutritional profiles approved by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) for cats of all ages.

Cats are carnivores by nature. The Acana dry cat food provides the same variety of natural sources of meat of which he would feed in the wild. Acana also takes into account the fact that, nowadays in most cases, the cat needs a low caloric intake. The high percentage of animal protein, the low carbohydrate intake and lack of grain are the ideal conditions to ensure your feline friend a life of health and wellness!




Fresh lamb meat (15%), dehydrated meat (13%) lamb, fresh duck (8%), dried cod (7%), duck fat (5%), green lentils, fresh perch (5 %), dehydrated herring (5%), red lentils, dehydrated salmon (4%), chick peas, green peas, herring oil (3%), eggs (3%), lamb fat (2%), alfalfa, Seetang seaweed, pumpkin, squash melon, spinach, carrots, apples, pears, cranberries, chicory root, dandelion, chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves, ginger, cumin seeds, turmeric, rose flowers, freeze-dried lamb's liver, freeze-dried duck liver, freeze-dried lamb meat.

physiological and nutritional additives:
vitamin A (15,000 IU / kg), vitamin D3 (2,000 IU / kg), iron (40 mg / kg), iodine (3 mg / kg), copper (13 mg / kg), manganese (14 mg / kg), zinc (150 mg / kg), selenium (0.3 mg / kg).
technological additives:
Enterococcus faecium, NCIMB10415 (600 x 10 ^ 6 CFU).



analytical constituents

crude protein35.0 %
crude oils and fats20.0 %
raw fibers3.0 %
Crude ash8.0 %
calcium1.8 %
phosphorus1.5 %
Omega 3 Fatty Acids1.0 %
Omega 6 fatty acids2.5 %
Metabolisable energy
4060.0 kca/kg



Recommended daily dose:


weight1 1/2 - 4 mesi5 - 8 mesi9 - 10 mesi11 - 12 mesigatti adulti
1 kg55 g30 g20 g20 g20 g
2 kg110 g60 g60 g55 g50 g
3 kg165 g90 g70 g65 g60 g
4 kg-120 g95 g85 g75 g
5 kg-150 g120 g100 g90 g


Note: The actual amount to be administered depends in fact on several factors such as the size, the environment in which it is located, the age and the degree of physical activity. Keep an eye on the animal's weight and take more into account in apportioning his meals. Divide your daily intake of food into two rations. Always leave fresh water.

2 kg
1.8 Kg
Grain Free