FARMINA N & D Ancestral Low Grain Dog Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Medium 2,5 kg
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FARMINA N & D Ancestral Low Grain Dog Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Medium 2,5 kg

Natural & Delicious Low Ancestral Grain is the line of natural products with few ancestral cereals (spelled and oats), scientifically studied for the dog carnivorous nature.

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Chicken & Pomegranate Adult Mini is an adult grooming dog from the Natural & Delicious Ancestral Grain canine line, dry dog ​​feed that is distinguished by its naturalness. N & D Cane Adult Cane Mini Chicken and Pomegranate is a complete food for low-glycemic dogs since it is made using strictly ancestral grains.


Since dogs in the wild mainly feed on meat, the carbohydrate percentage of this food is intentionally limited: it consists of 60% strictly selected animal ingredients, 20% of ancestral cereals (including 10% oats and 10% spelled), 20% fruit and vegetables that complete the formulation making it balanced from the nutritional point of view. Thanks to the use of these alternative grains, dog croquettes help stabilize blood glucose by helping to prevent diabetes. Natural ingredients such as blueberries, pomegranate powder, apple, spinach, currant, orange, then strengthen the defenses and support the functioning of the dog's organs while also making important vitamins.


This dog feed contains natural antioxidants that keep the product naturally intact. N & D low ancestral grain dogs packs are packaged in a protective atmosphere to avoid oxidation of the fat and keep the product fresh. Without genetically engineered ingredients, it is extremely appetizing and digestible and therefore also indicated for animals with digestive sensitivity and intolerance or food allergies.


Pollo fresco disossato (20%), carne di pollo disidratata (20%), farro (10%), avena (10%), grasso di pollo, uova intere disidratate, aringhe fresche, aringhe disidratate, idrolisato di proteine di pesce, polpa di barbabietola essiccata, olio di pesce, fibra vegetale di pisello, carote essiccate, farina d’erba medica disidratata, inulina, fruttoligosaccaridi, mannanoligosaccaridi, melagrana in polvere (0.5%), mela disidratata, spinaci in polvere, psyllium (0.3%), ribes in polvere, arancia dolce disidratata, mirtilli in polvere,cloruro di sodio, lievito di birra essiccato, radice di curcuma (0.2%), glucosamina, condroitinsolfato, estratto di fiore di Tagete (fonte di luteina).


Vitamina A 16000UI; Vitamina D3 1600UI; Vitamina E 600mg; Vitamina C 160mg; Niacina 40mg; acido pantotenico 16mg; Vitamina B2 8mg; Vitamina B6 6.4mg; Vitamina B1 4.8mg; Vitamina H 0.40mg; acido folico 0.48mg; Vitamina B12 0.1mg; cloruro di colina 2800mg; Beta‐carotene 1.5mg; chelato di Zinco dell’analogo idrossilato di metionina 910mg; chelato di Manganese dell’analogo idrossilato di metionina 380mg; chelato di Ferro di idrato di glicina 250mg; chelato di Rame dell’analogo idrossilato di metionina 88mg; Seleniometionina 0.40mg; DLmetionina 6000mg; Taurina 1000mg; L‐Carnitina 300mg. Additivi organolettici: estratto di aloe vera 1000mg; estratto di tè verde 100mg; estratto di rosmarino. Antiossidanti: estratti di origine naturale ricchi in tocoferoli.

Componenti analitici: Calcio:
1.30%, Ceneri grezze: 7.30%, Condroitina: 1100.00mg/kg, Fibra grezza: 1.70%, Fosforo: 0.90%, Glucosamina: 1400.00mg/kg, Oli e grassi grezzi: 20.00%, Proteine grezze: 35.00%, Acidi Grassi Omega 3: 0.90%, Acidi Grassi Omega 6: 3.40%, EPA: 0.30% DHA: 0.50%, Valore Energetico EM: 3923.00Kcal/Kg, Energia Kg: 16.40 Mj/kg.




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