PURINA PRO PLAN Puppy Large Robust Optistart 12 kg
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PURINA PRO PLAN Puppy Large Robust Optistart 12 kg

Complete food for puppies of large size of robust bodywork. Contains colostrum. Rich in chicken

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Pro Plan Puppy Large Robust OptiStart Chicken & Rice is a dry food specific to puppies and large sized young dogs with sturdy bodywork. Puppies belonging to large sized breeds with a robust body that reach from adults weighing between 25 and 70 kg have special nutritional needs. When adults with the same chest circumference have a maximum body fat content of 50% more than those with athletic bodyweight. So they need more energy and their joints are exposed to greater stress. Purina Pro Plan Large Puppy Robust Chicken & Rice has been specially developed by veterinarians and nutritionists and thanks to the nutrition formula OPTIHEALTH takes into account these special needs and encourages the healthy and active growth of your little friend in the first and second year of life.

The Colostrum contained in Purina Pro Plan Large Puppy Robust Chicken & Rice is rich in natural antibodies and helps puppies create an efficient immune system. So the health and well-being of the dog are stimulated over the long term. Its rich recipe of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fish oil guarantees a global care of the teeth and an optimal structure of the joints that heavy dogs are under heavy stress.
These crockettes suitable for bite size of large sized puppies are very appealing to all poultry loving dogs. Purina Pro Plan Large Puppy Robust Chicken & Rice is a food of the latest generation, based on the latest knowledge in the field of nutrition and canine diet, which is based on the assumption that optimal health is the result of a diet that is suitable for the constitution And the age of the dog.


  • Dry food for puppies belonging to large sized breeds with robust body weight and an adult weight of 25 to 70 kg
  • Responds to the nutritional needs of heavy-growth dogs, such as, for example, Bernese Sheep, St. Bernard, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland or Rottweiler
  • Developed by doctors-veterinarians and diet specialists and canine diet: the latest generation formula
  • With nutrition formula OPTISTART: it promotes healthy puppy growth
  • With colostrum: antibody-rich milk that favors the formation of a strong immune system and hence long-term dog health
  • With dental health formula: with specific ingredients for tooth care
  • Strong joints: with functional ingredients to support the joints particularly stressed in large dogs
  • Precious pieces of chicken meat: tasty protein source
  • Sized croquettes: specifications for bite of large sized puppies


Composition: Chicken (18%), Wheat, Dehydrated Protein of Poultry, Corn, Soya Flour, Rice (7%), Animal Fat, Wheat Fiber, Flavor Interiors, Dehydrated Beef Pulses, Corn Gluten Flour, Flour Wheat Gluten, Minerals, Dehydrated Eggs, Fish Oil, Dehydrated Colostrum (0.1%).

Analytical componentsDried
Oils and fat and raw15.0%
Raw ash7.5%
Raw fiber2.5%
Nutritional additivesDried
vitamin A26000 UI/kg
vitamin D3​870 UI/kg
vitamin E200 UI/kg
vitamin C120 mg/kg
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate210 mg/kg
Anhydrous calcium iodate2.7 mg/kg
Copper sulphate pentaidrate42 mg/kg
Sulfated manganese monohydrate100 mg/kg
Zinc sulphate monohydrate360 mg/kg
Selenite of sodium0,25 mg/kg
Technological AdditivesDried
Extracts of tocopherol from vegetable oils35 mg/kg
NO Preservatives


Body weight:1,5-3 Months - quantity:4-5 Months - quantity:6-8 Months - quantity:9-11 Months - quantity:12-24 Months - quantity:

How to use: Pregnancy and lactation: Visit the Purina PRO PLAN® website or ask your veterinarian for further details.
Nesting and Growth: During weaning, from 3 to 6 weeks of age, offer Purina PRO PLAN® Puppy moistened 3 or 4 times a day. After weaning, weigh the quantities on the basis of the guidelines in the table. From 3 months gradually reduce the amount of water added. For a healthy development make sure that the puppy maintains a slim body condition during growth. Adjust the amount of daily food more or less depending on the activity level, physical condition and individual puppy needs. Always leave clean and fresh water available. To keep your puppy's health under control, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly.

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