ACANA SINGLES DOG Yorkshire Pork 11,4 kg
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ACANA SINGLES DOG Yorkshire Pork 11,4 kg

Croquettes monoproteiche of premium quality for dogs, with 50% of pork, lots of vegetables and vegetable extracts, many fibers and Omega fatty acids, very tasty, no cereals.

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The recipe of Acana dog food Singles Pig & Pumpkin violina is inspired by the natural pattern and provides your dog with all the essential nutrients without adding artificial additives. The high meat content, equal to 50% to 20% is constituted by fresh pork meat and 20% by dried pork of Alberta region. Along with the innards and cartilage this premium quality food provides protein and essential micronutrients that meet the natural nutritional needs of dogs. In addition the liver ensures optimal palatability to food, which makes it even appreciate the dogs from the most difficult tastes.

The pork is the only source of animal protein Acana Singles Pig and Pumpkin violina. It is also devoid of cereals and contains neither potatoes, nor tapioca starch. So it can also be administered to animals with sensitive digestive tract and allergic or intolerant. Chicory and lemon balm regulate the intestinal flora, making this easily digestible food for dogs and favoring the formation of well-formed stool.

In addition to this food pork it is rich in natural vegetables, steamed with delicate procedure, grain legumes and plant extracts. Violina pumpkin, chickpeas and lentils are its valuable sources of fiber. It also contains an extra portion of algae, which contain acids esssenziali Omega DHA and EPA fats. A top quality food produced in Canada for demanding dogs!


  • food first class for dogs of all breeds and ages
  • with 50% of pork: 20% of fresh meat and 20% of dried meat, innards and cartilage, natural high nutritional and protein content
  • monoproteica source: pork as the only source of animal protein, also suitable for exclusion diets
  • devoid of cereals, potatoes and tapioca: administrable even in case of intolerance and allergies
  • inspired by nature: meets the natural nutritional needs of dogs
  • very digestible delicate production process, with chicory and lemon balm for good digestion and well formed stools
  • EPA & DHA Omega fatty acids contained in the algae, which have a positive effect on heart health and eye
  • steamed with delicate procedure: special extrusion process which preserves the nutrients naturally contained in the ingredients
  • very attractive: with pork liver, the tasty recipe is also appreciated by the dogs with the most discerning tastes
  • Made in Canada with high-quality regional ingredients


pork meat (20%), dried pork (20%), green lentils, red lentils, fresh pork liver (5%), pumpkin violina, pork fat (3%), green peas, yellow peas, oil canola, algae (source of DHA-DPA), chickpeas, fresh pumpkin, fresh carrots, fresh pig offal (2%), freeze-dried pork liver, Seetang seaweed, chicory root, ginger root, peppermint leaves, melissa.

Vitamin A (17,000 IU / kg), Vitamin D3 (800 IU / kg), Vitamin E 150 IU / kg), vitamin B1 [thiamine] (12 mg / kg), Vitamin B2 [riboflavin] (14 mg / kg), vitamin B3 [niacin] (90 mg / kg), vitamin B5 [pan acid.] (19 mg / kg), vitamin B6 [pyridoxine] (12 mg / kg), vitamin B12 (0.19 mg / kg), Biotin (0.5 mg / kg), folic acid (1.7 mg / kg), choline (1,700 mg / kg), sodium (0.3%), chloride (0.45%), potassium (0.8% ), magnesium (0, .12%), iron (150 mg / kg), zinc (150 mg / kg), copper (12 mg / kg), manganese (15 mg / kg), iodine (4 mg / kg) , selenium (0.9 mg / kg).

Analytical constituents:

crude protein27.0 %
crude oils and fats15.0 %
raw fibers9. %
calcium1.9 %
Phosphorus1.2 %
chondroitin800.0 mg/kg
600.0 mg/kg
Omega 3 fatty acids1.0 %
Omega 6 fatty acids3.4 %
Acids EPA / DHA fatty0.2 mg

Recommended daily dose:

Weight of dogactive dogactive little dog
2 kg60 g40 g
5 kg120 g60 g
10 kg180 g120 g
20 kg300 g200 g
30 kg420 g270 g
40 kg510 g330 g
50 kg600 g400 g
60 kg690 g450 g
12 kg
11.4 Kg
Grain Free