Candioli Prozym Stick Medium Size 4 x 6 Pieces
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Candioli Prozym Stick Medium Size 4 x 6 Pieces

Dental sticks palatable oral care of the dogs

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The sticks PROZYM RF2 contain a unique patented active, RF2, which disrupts the biofilm formed by bacteria in the mouth. This biofilm is the first stage in the formation of dental plaque. The sticks PROZYM RF2 are then able to avoid the aggregation of biofilm, prevent the formation of dental plaque and the appearance of bad breath.
Prolonged chewing:
The unique texture and the special shape of the stick PROZYM RF2garantiscono time chewing prolonged (10 minutes on average) and allow to counteract the formation of plaque and calculus by mechanical abrasive action.


Wheat middlings, spruce wood Additives - botanically defined natural products: CoE 569 - Extract Rhubarb
Feed supplement for dogs


Tips on Using Stick Appealing Prozym RF2 for Dogs

Take a stick to your dog one time per day, preferably after the main meal. Always leave fresh water available to the animal. When in doubt or advice for a specific administration for dental problems of your dog, always ask your vet for advice doctor.


The Stick Appealing Prozym RF2 for Dogs contain (INCI)

Cereals, polyols, RF2 Rheum palmatum.
Typical Analysis: Raw protein 9,95% - Crude fat 0.72% - 1.55% Crude Fiber - Raw ashes 7,76% - 9,03% humidity.




Warning! Produced exclusively for veterinary use, not intended for human use.

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