Furminator Brush Big Cats Sleeping Short 6.7cm
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Furminator Brush Big Cats Sleeping Short 6.7cm

FURminator deShedding Tool for cats, easy to handle, with hair removal function, reduces up to 90% loss of hair.

  • COMB WIDTH: 6.67 cm
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DeShedding Tool FURminator solves the main problem of most owners of dogs and cats: dead hair everywhere! On clothes, on the couch, wherever they are, dead hair can lead to felting, allergies and long, laborious cleaning.

variantCat's weightExample of breeds
small Cats
hair length up to 5 cm
until 4,5 kgSiamese, Abyssinians, Scottish Fold
small Cats
length fur> 5 cm
until 4,5 kgGerman Longhaired Cat, Turkish Angora, Burmese
big cats
Hair length up to 5 cm
over 4.5 kgBritish Shorthair, Bengal, Cat European shorthair
big cats
length fur> 5 cm
over 4.5 kgNorwegian Forest Cat, Main Coon, Persian, Ragdoll

All features of FURminator for cats:

  • 4 variants
  • with ergonomic handle, extremely stable
  • stainless steel comb
  • lever for the standard deviation of the hairs
  • falling off of hair reduced by 90%
  • removes dead hair better than brushes, combs and currycombs
  • removes the undercoat and loose hair without damaging the mantle
  • It distributes the natural skin oils and provide for the healthy and the coat shining
  • It includes instructions for use

Product description:

Brush FURminator deShedding Tool is easy and fast to use, proceed exactly as you would with a normal brush. FURminator is delicate, therefore ideal to use them on sensitive subjects or fearful.

1 kg