Furminator Brush Dogs Large Breed Short Hair to 10.16 cm
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Furminator Brush Dogs Large Breed Short Hair to 10.16 cm

FURminator L - brush for large dogs (23-40 kg) with short hair. Maneuverable and feature gap hairs. It reduces the loss of hair up to 90%. Recommended by vets.

  • COMB WIDTH: 10.16 cm
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The FURminator brush has been specifically designed for small dogs big (with a body weight between 23-40 kg) with short hair.

The FURminator solves the main problem of most owners of dogs and cats: dead hair everywhere! On clothes, on the couch, wherever they are, dead hair can lead to felting, allergies and long, laborious cleaning.

All the advantages of FURminator The dog:

  • Comb width: 10.2 cm
  • color: yellow
  • with ergonomic handle
  • lever for the standard deviation of the hairs
  • falling off of hair reduced by 90%
  • for large dogs (weighing between 23 to 40 kg) with short hair until max. 5 cm
  • removes dead hair better than brushes, combs and currycombs
  • removes the undercoat and loose hair without damaging the mantle
  • It distributes the natural skin oils and provide for the healthy and the coat shining
  • It includes instructions for use

Product description:

The dead hairs are easily removed and the mantle is lighter. Thanks to Furminator S the fall of the hair is reduced by 90%.

Regular grooming is a fundamental part of the maintenance of the animal, especially if it is a person with long hair. Brush FURminator S is quick and easy to use - proceed exactly as you would a normal brush. FURminator is delicate, therefore ideal to use them on sensitive subjects or fearful.

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