FELIWAY Classic Ricarica 48 ml
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Ceva FELIWAY Classic Ricarica 48 ml

Use Feliway Classic Reload to extend your cat's feelings of well-being and love at home

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FELIWAY® smell reassures the cat and creates a feeling of familiarity and security in stressful situations such as removals, transportation, furniture change, new arrivals (children or other animals) and noisy environment. It is the analogue of synthesis of facial pheromones used by cats to mark their territory, to feel safe and calm.


Feliway Classic is available as a spray and as a diffuser to plug into the socket. Through a gland placed on the chin, cats produce a hormone-based scent, the so-called feline facial pheromones of fraction F3. To control the environment, cats carefully mark the territory using facial marking and releasing these pheromones. This happens every time a cat rubs his muzzle against furniture and walls. In a new environment or in stressful situations these markings may be missing and this can make the cat anxious or even aggressive. This condition can lead to behavioral changes such as urinary markings, furniture scratches and walls, through which the cat expresses its anxiety.


With FELIWAY® Classic products you can help your cat overcome these stress situations with greater peace of mind. Playing the synthesis of facial pheromones, the wellness hormones, FELIWAY® reports to the cat in a safe and quiet environment.

The FELIWAY® Classic diffuser, when inserted into an electrical outlet, releases pheromones into the environment by covering an area of ​​approx. 50-70 qm. The Starter Kit also includes a bottle for one month of treatment.
Spray for the environment can be sprayed in a targeted manner on critical points, scratched and urinal markings. Also with travel sprays you can comfort your cat during trips or visits from your vet. Thanks to the size of its bottle, this spray can be safely put on the bag, to bring you well-being and tranquility anywhere.


Caution: Use the 48-ml bottle for 30 days only with the lilac or white diffuser.
Because of the different technology, the bottles with the rectangular white diffuser (previous model) and those with the round diffuser are not compatible with each other!


All the features of FELIWAY® Classic:


  • synthetic facial pheromone synthesis analogue of fraction F3
  • available as an electric diffuser or spray available separately
  • ideally start using FELIWAY® 1 week before the stressful event for the cat and continue using it for at least 4 weeks
  • in case of behavioral changes use FELIWAY® even 2 weeks after the end of unwanted behaviors
  • also indicated for prolonged use
  • reduces stress and creates a feeling of familiarity and safety in the environment, to help the animal deal better with unknown situations
  • to prevent behavioral problems related to change and familiarization with a new environment (moving, transporting, staying in a retirement for cats, etc.)
  • ideal for urinary markings and scratches
  • helps control the reactions due to stressful events and noise sensitivity, creating a feeling of tranquility and safety
  • indicated in case of coexistence between several cats
  • it has no side effects
  • does not cover bad odors
  • is not perceived and has no effect on humans
  • FELIWAY® does not stain
  • FELIWAY® is suitable for all cats, even for sick people
  • If your cat marks the territory in an obstinate manner, the Spray can be used in addition to the Speaker

How to use:


FELIWAY® Classic diffusore:

  • choose an electrical outlet in the room of the markings or anyway in the room where cats spend more time
  • connect the FELIWAY® speaker to the socket so that the bottle is positioned below the diffuser
  • Do not cover with curtains or place under furniture. This could prevent the spread of the product and leave stains
  • Covered area: 50 - 70 m²
  • in very large environments or distributed over multiple floors it is recommended to use multiple speakers
  • use FELIWAY® speaker for a period of continuous use of 4 weeks
  • the FELIWAY® Set contains a bottle for a period of one month. Replace the vial after 4 weeks of continuous use
  • in the case of urinary markings and scratches do not reproach the cat during the treatment period in order not to increase its stress
  • FELIWAY® diffuser helps the cat to settle into her own home after long periods of absence
    in the case of persistent urinary markings we recommend using FELIWAY® Electric Diffuser in combination with FELIWAY® Spray



  • in case of stressful behavioral and health problems consult a veterinarian or behavioralist
  • read the package leaflet before use
  • keep out of the reach of children and animals
  • if in contact with eyes, mucous membranes and wounds rinse abundantly with water for
  • Several minutes and consult a physician
  • If the product is swallowed, consult a physician immediately and show the full pack
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