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Ceva FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffusore + Ricarica

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Especially in homes where more cats live in little space can conflict, just as it happens to humans in similar situations. However, while most cats, after a short baruffa, come back quickly, unfortunately sometimes even mice develop long-lasting discomforts.

If such a situation for a long time has been an unpleasant and unsolvable problem for the cat lover, who could only overcome one of the animals or by adopting the same heavy cuts, there is now a remedy.


The FELIWAY®-FRIENDS diffuser uses a Cat-Appeasing-Pheromones (C.A.P.) synthesis analogue that naturally strengthens the bond between the kitten and her mother and creates a sense of security. It diffuses in the environment in an optimal and effective way thanks to an electric diffuser.


It has been scientifically proven that the FELIWAY®-FRIENDS diffuser ensures improved coexistence between cats after a short time of use.


All the features of FELIWAY®-FRIENDS:


  • diffuser for the electrical outlet with pheromone bottle
  • ideal for homes where the most conflicting cats live in time
  • set consisting of an electric diffuser and a bottle of 48 ml (30 days)
  • contains a cognate pheromone synthesis analogue (C.A.P.)
  • visibly reduces conflicts already after 1 week

How to use:


  • The FELIWAY®-FRIENDS diffuser must be permanently inserted into the environment where the cats are the most and in which conflicts arise.
  • A bottle of 48 is enough for 30 days for every 50-70 m² surface.
  • Suitable for voltage from 220-230 V.
  • Do not connect it under an electrical appliance, furniture, or objects attached to a wall to a multiple socket / an extension cord.
  • Only for the FELIWAY® bottle: the product features are not guaranteed if the bottle is used with other loudspeakers.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Read the warnings before use.
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