ADAPTIL Spray 60 ml
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Ceva ADAPTIL Spray 60 ml

Spray Adaptil makes travel and visits from the veterinarian or chef less stressful. It is a comfortable wording for non-continuous use, especially during travel!

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The spray can be used both inside and outside when transporting, inserting into a new environment (new home, kennels, strangers), veterinary visits, hospitalization or new and unforeseen situations.

Adaptyl Spray helps to control and prevent fear-related signs of destruction, inappropriate elimination, vocalizations (guaiti, lamentations), salivation, vomiting.



Pleasant dog Pheromone: 2% - Isopropanol q.b. 60 ml.



Apply 8-10 Adaptyl nebulizers, 15 minutes before you want to have the effect and before the dog is introduced into the environment (car, transport cages, canines, etc.). The effectiveness lasts about 1-2 hours, though every animal can respond differently. Use the product again after this period or when it has a reduction in effectiveness. Adaptyl Spray can be sprayed directly on the cage, carry or car. Do not apply directly to the animal or near the muzzle.


The product does not stain; however, given the considerable amount of materials currently in use, we recommend doing a preliminary test. Do not spray directly on animals.

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