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Ceva ADAPTIL Diffusore + Ricarica 48ml

Adaptil Diffuser helps to strengthen the relationship with your dog, creating a comfortable and loving environment. Scientific studies have shown that the use of Adaptil helps to reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies under difficult home conditions.

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In mammals, all nursing females release substances called "pleasing pheromones" which have the function of reassuring the litter. The "pleasing pheromones" of the dog are secreted in the nursing bitches from the sebaceous glands located in the intermolescal pelvis. These pheromones calm the puppies in case of stress and induce safety, especially when they are in new environments or face new experiences.


Research has shown that the reassuring properties of these pheromones persist even in adulthood.

Adaptil Diffuser reproduces all the properties of maternal natural "pheromones".


Adaptil Diffuser helps prevent and stop the stress and fears related to puppies and adults such as destruction, vocalization, inappropriate elimination, excessive licking.

Adaptil helps control the fear of loud noises (eg, fireworks, thunderstorms). In this case, you must apply Adaptil 15 days before the event or keep it in the most frequent period of time.


Adaptil reassures the dog that is in a stressful environment (guests, strangers, veterinary visits, new and unexpected situations) and the insertion of a puppy into a new environment, adoption, moving, meeting with strangers.



"Pleasant pheromone" of the dog: 2%. Excipients q.b. a 100 g.



1. Remove the cap from the bottle.
2. Screw the diffuser onto the vial and tighten slowly.
3. Insert the speaker into the power socket and leave it in for a month.

Place Adaptil in the most used dog room.


1 vial lasts about 4 weeks. Covered area: 50 - 70 sqm.
The shelf life can be changed according to the veterinarian's instructions.


Package containing: 1 diffuser + 1 bottle of 48 ml.

1 kg
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