ADAPTIL Collare S 45 cm
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Ceva ADAPTIL Collare S 45 cm

The Adaptil Collar is easy and convenient to use as it constantly releases the pleasing pheromone of the dog (also outside). The dog's body temperature and tight contact warm the collar and promote the diffusion of pheromones in the environment.

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Collar that favors the welfare of puppies and adult dogs in situations that can cause fear and apprehension; reproduces all the properties of maternal natural "pheromones".

The collar can be used both inside and outside the house for:
- promote socialization (other dogs, people, new situations);
- control the fear of the outside (dogs, strangers, traffic, thunderstorms and other vulgar humans);
- inserting the dog into a new environment (new home, kennel, pensions);
- the combined use of collar and loudspeaker in the home can help to get better results in dogs that show signs of fear both inside and outside.


For special uses consult your veterinarian.
Size available: small and medium / large.


How to use
Apply the collar and adjust the size, leaving the space of a finger from the delicate neck; cut the excess part.
The collar acts for about 4 weeks.

Remove the collar before the bath and put it back when the dog is dry. Illegal does not release pheromones when it is damp.
Do not use collar in dogs with skin lesions.
It is not a medicine; in the event of signs of a disease, consult your veterinarian.
Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature.

5% dog satisfaction pheromone; excipients q.b. 1 collar 100%.

45 cm

1 kg
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